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Mongol Turks: Heritage

"Proud" Heritage Of Turks

The peoples of the Caucasus

	The Caucasian Mongoloids

		- the Balkar and Karachai
		- the Nogais
		- the Karapapak
		- the Caucasian Osmanli
		- the Turkoman
		- the Kumyck

		Mongol tribes

			- the Kalmuck
			- the Kaitak

The Mongoloids of Asia and Europe

	Finnic tribes

		- the Ugrians
		- Western Finns
		- Baltic Finns
		- the Permians
		- the Bulgarian Finns
		- the Chuvash
		- Slavonized Finns
		- the Lapps

	The Samoyed

	The Turkic tribes

		- the Yakut
		- the Tatars of Tobolsk
		- the Tatars of Tomsk
		- the Altain Tatars
		- the Karagas

	The Mongolic tribes

		- the Buryat

	The Tungus


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