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Turks: Torture Practices of the Turkish State

"Sigara Sondurme" - Soldiers routinely extinguish their burning cigarettes on the flesh of their prisoners.

"Islak Zeminde Elektrik" - Electric shock is a popular method of torture used by the fascist Turkish forces.

"Buza Yatirma" - "Putting to bed" surely means something altogether different in Turkey .

"Askida Elektrik" - Application of electric shock to prisoners suspended by their limps.

"Testislerin Sikiumasi" - The beating and mutilation of the male (and even female) genitalia is perhaps the most barbarous of Turkish acts.

"Ters Aski" - The suspension of prisoners by their limbs sometimes lasts for days if not weeks. This is perhaps why the Mongoloid Turks think of this act as a "sweat" producer!

"Filistin Askisi" - Yet another "hanging" method used by the Turkish forces.

"Duz Aski" - Nothing is "smooth" about this torturous act, and yet the nomadic Mongols seem to think so.

"Kaplumbaga Hucresi" - Caged like an animal, the effects of this practice turn man more like a wild beast rather than a "turtle"!

"Kaba Dayak" - Nothing beats a boorish beating for the murderous Turkish forces.

"Cam Kiriklari Uzerinde Yurutme" - Many prisoners are forced to walk over broken glass.

"Kum Torbalrri" - Many prisoners are beaten with sand and gravel bags until they lose consciousness or die.

"Falaka" - A "bastinado", or beating of the soles. A common practice of Asiatic peoples.


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