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Turkish Plane Crashes Over Aegean

Hellenic F-16 Falcons like the one depicted above, played a key role in the interception of the Turkish fighter-plane.


Thursday December 28, 1995 14:20 (Hellenic local time), a pair of Turkish RF-4Es violated Athens FIR and proceeded to violate Hellenic National Airspace to the extent of flying over the island of Chios!

At that time, a pair of Hellenic Air Force F-16Cs were diverted from their flights to intercept the Turkish planes. The Turkish F-4's continued flying west (away from their airspace and international airspace) and continued penetrating further into Hellenic Airspace.

The HAF F-16s intercepted the F-4's 4 to 6 miles south-west of Mytilene (Lesvos), and while still in Hellenic National Airspace. The Falcons then proceeded to "persuade" the Phantoms to change coarse (the usual steps including "dipping" of wings etc.). When the F-4s continued flying west, a dogfight between the planes took place.

Although all planes involved were armed, both sides deny using weapons against each other. The final result of the dogfight was the crash of the RF-4 into the Aegean, after the HAF F-16 reached an "advantageous" position.

Although the pilots involved did not supply Turkish officials with any information, the Turkish government declared that the crash was a result of "equipment failure". This is the same argument they used a few months back when a Turkish F-16C crashed after being pursued by a HAF Mirage 2000.

Following the crash, Hellenic ships, planes and helicopters took part in SAR operations to rescue the downed Turkish crew. The Hellenic crews rescued the "co-pilot" (navigator/radar controller), and transported him to Mytilene airport, and from there to Vostanio Hospital at 16:20 (local time).

The co-pilot (Ogur Kilar) suffered light trauma and shock. The pilot of the RF-4E has still not been found, but SAR crews are still looking for him. Ogur Kilar, 35, was unable to recall whether his fellow crewman ejected from the plane or not.

Hellas has a 10-mile national airspace which is not recognized by turkey since 1974. They also do not recognize Athens FIR (set by ICAO), and demand half of the Aegean (even though ALL the islands of the Aegean are Hellenic). Hellas has signed the Right to Sea Treaty which allows her to extend her territorial sea and air space to 12 nm. The US and some 100 others have signed the treaty, with the exception of turkey.

Of course, we cannot extend our waters, because the "masters" of our politicians have not given the "O.K."!

Hellenic Troops in Bosnia

In another attempt to appease their American and European masters, the Hellenic government "decided" to send our troops into harms way - Bosnia.

The Hellenic troops will in fact not only go to Bosnia, they will also serve under other European flags! While the "Americans", Russians, and other Europeans insisted on having total control over their soldiers, Hellas passed that responsibility to the Belgians and Luxembourgians!

Our contribution to the IFOR mission is of little or no significance. We have sent some 500 soldiers who will support the IFOR mission by transporting supplies needed by troops in the demarcation line. It seems that Hellas has "truck drivers" that cannot be found in neither the US or EU.

The hypocrisy of this situation is that the Hellenic government had suggested that no Balkan state should send troops or get involved in any way with the Yugoslav civil war. And yet now, they directly do the opposite, and indirectly support the bombing and involvement by the United States.

When Hellenic lands are still under the ruthless control of barbaric animals, what are we doing by getting involved in Bosnia? Where and what are the priorities?

Welcome Our New "Countrymen"

While the EU was hailing the custom union as a step towards "democracy", the Turks were butchering innocent Kurds. The above pictures were obtained from various European newspapers.

In a move that surprised few this past week (with the exception of our "Europaistes"), the European Parliament ratified the custom union between Turkey and the EU.

The European Parliament voted 343-149 with 36 abstentions to allow the customs union between the EU and Turkey to go ahead as of January 1, with some saying that it did so "reluctantly".

The Hellenic "government" said yesterday it had expected the European Parliament's ratification of the EU-Turkey customs union, saying it now expected that Turkey would respect EU principles.

Of course, the Hellenic government "dropped" the veto without securing any compromise by the Turkish government. At the same time Hellas was opening the door of Europe for the barbaric Mongoloids, it failed to secure the dropping of the Turkish veto in NATO that prevents the creation of Strategic Command Centers at Larisa.

Hellas also did not receive an assurement or compromise for Linmos and the surrounding airspace. The Turkish refusal to accept Limnos and the surrounding airspace as being under Hellenic control (during NATO exercises), should have been addressed.

Many things could have been addressed, ranging from the Turkish threats in the Aegean, to the continued occupation of northern Cyprus. The fact remains that not even one issue was raised or dealt with by the administration. The demands of our European "partners" (or better yet - masters) cannot be put on hold to resolve such serious issues.

Of course, the government spread its propaganda to keep the Hellenic masses uninformed. The myth of "civilizing" or "Europeanizing" Turkey is their best argument for the reason they allowed the custom union. As an example, government spokesman Telemahos Hytiris said that "Greece, and the European Union, now expect Turkey to show respect for EU law."

Does Mr.Hytiris care to explain what actions Hellas or the EU will take if Turkey violates those "laws"? Will the EU prevent military and commercial traffic from Turkey to the occupied territories in Cyprus (since EU law disallows transactions with the "TRNC")? Will the EU take any action when Turkey threatens war and violates Hellenic airspace?

But it's not just the traitors in the present government. Although the official policy of the Coalition of the Left and Progress (SYN) read that the European Parliament's decision was "a negative development and a serious blow to democratic principles and values", that did not prevent one of its "Eurodeputies", Mr. Michalis Papayiannakis, to cast a blank ballot.

If one were to ignore Mr. Papayiannakis vote, the totality of Hellenic "Eurodeputies" (including the ones representing the ruling party) voted against the custom union. So what kind of a "democracy" do we live in where the actions of the government do not represent the beliefs of the people, or their representatives? Or is the Hellenic government ready to make the point that the majority of Hellenes approve the removal of our veto, and the custom union with Turkey?

As soon as the customs union takes effect, Turkey will remove its customs tariffs on imports of industrial goods from the European Union, a development which the EU Commission estimates would double EU exports to Turkey over the next five years. So much for "humanitarian" priorities.The customs union frees more than one billion dollars in aid to Turkey and opens Turkish and EU markets to each other. Says a whole lot about our "partners" and "allies". Free military hardware, free economic aid, and political support at all levels... one only wonders if our enemies are half as bad as out "friends"!

District Attorney Releases Turkish Spy.

In perhaps another insult towards the intelligence of the Hellenic people, the Cypriot government and judicial system managed to set free a Turkish smuggler of illicit drugs and other controlled substances, and suspected MIT agent.

In the state's case against Mr. Ergan Eimes Gousouf, the files pertaining to his case were being transferred from office to office for over 20 days. The files eventually reached the hands of Mr. Aleko Makride just 4 days prior to the trial.

As if this case was the lone "insult" towards justice, in a similar case versus Mr. Orkan, the defendants attorneys have appealed to the UN regarding physical abuses of their client!

Since the two cases were related, one wonders if Mr. Gousouf was not released to relieve tensions and allegations of police misconduct.

But the case does not end there. Following the capture of National Guard soldier Giorgos Karotsakis, the Cypriot government has been looking for a way to negotiate his (and another Hellenic Cypriot's) release from the northern occupied territories. Although the Cypriot government denies this, it is the most probable cause for Gousouf's release.

Following the release, the Cypriot government (and Mr. Klerides) suggested that they were not informed of the districts attorney's decision till after Mr. Gousouf's re- entry into the occupied territories. Even if their "story" is true, it still proves the total incompetence of the Cypriot government with regard to due process, accountability, and justice.

But let's not misinform our readers and nation. The Cypriot government, just like the Hellenic, is governed by sell-out cowards that determine policy and reactions according to what the "powers that be" tell them to do.

US Arms Albania And Turkey.

A US Army MLRS rocket system, with the ATACMS missile in the fore-ground.

Once again, another "ally" and "friend" of ours has seen fit to arm the enemies of Hellenism and democracy. This time around, the US government has seen fit to provide high-tech military technology to both Albania and Turkey, both of which are notorious for their human rights violations.

According to a recent "Washington Post National Weekly Edition", the United States is prepared to send 2 TOW (anti-tank) and 5 Vulcan (anti-aircraft) systems to Albania in FY96 (Fiscal Year 1996), for 2 million dollars. Furthermore, the US intends on providing Albania with T-37 jet trainers and 2 patrol boats for free.

Although Albania's wasteful military practices are of common knowledge, providing such an oppressive state, in such an unstable geographic area, with such weapon systems is moronic (to say the least).

Albania's military is in such shambles, that out of 4 Whiskey class submarines "in service", none can submerge, and one of them is used as a generator at Sazan Island for a military base there. Their present military condition might be a laughing matter, but for the US to arm them when they know the situation in Kossovo and FYROM (with the Albanian minorities), that for sure is not a matter one can laugh about.

After a decade in which the US sold 7.8 billion dollars worth of weapon systems to Turkey, the US government also decided to sell its most advanced ground-to-ground missile (ATACMS) to them.

On December 1st, the US government notified the Congress of their intent to sell this most advanced missile to Turkey. A decision must be reached by the 16th of the same month.

The ATACMS missile is to be used with the MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) systems already in use with the Turkish army. This missile was designed to replace the Pershing tactical nuclear missile system that was in use in central Europe through-out the 1980's. The ATACMS missile has a range in excess of 100km, and will most likely be deployed in the Aegean and Kurdistan.

Turkey will be the first non-US state to acquire this system, and this is the first such weapon system to be introduced into the region. The contract includes 120 ATACMS missiles, and is valued at more than 128 million dollars.

The Hellenic government has made no official announcement yet, since they rather talk about succession and the health of Mr. Papandreou.

Para-Religious Cults In Hellas

Recent cover of Time magazine, in which they uncovered many of the demented practices of this cult.

According to reports by the Hellenic government and Orthodox Church, there are over 300 cults operating in Hellas today. The only purpose of these cults is to undermine our nation and our social fabric.

According to the Hellenic Newspapers "Ethnos" and "Eleftheros Tipos", Hellenic authorities have seized documents which prove that one such cult, the "Church of Scientology", engaged in such actions as gathering private government documents, providing narcotics to youths, keeping records of members and non-members, distributing lists of "enemies", and many other illegal and devious acts.

This "church" of scientology is notorious for its world-wide actions against individuals; much more than we can go into detail here. The fact that the founder of this "church" believes that we are a science experiment of "alien" beings is enough for most people to realize the brainwashing that needs to take place for people to join this group.

Many people around the world have joined forces to stop this evil and demented group of individuals from spreading and forcing their views on the innocent youth of the world. But this "church" is not alone.

It is the responsibility of the Hellenic government to stop and remove all such cult groups from Hellas. It is a disservice to our nation and youth to have such individuals operating freely within our country, simply because they proclaim that they are a "religious" group.

US Scholars Outraged at Turkish Propaganda.

As reported by the Hellenic Nationalist Page, Turkey has intensified her attempts to spread her propaganda to internationally renowned universities around the world.

The situation is such an insult to U.S. academia, that scholars have organized and petitioned against the Turkish "grants" and "donations" that amount to millions of US dollars.

In an article published in the Chronicle Of Higher Education, Amy Magaro Rubin exposes the Turkish attempts at historic revisionism. The charges are so great, that even fraud and "influence" of appointments is being mentioned.

The fact that these actions are taking place is not the big surprise in this situation, but rather the focus and attention US scholars have placed on these actions. Many U.S. Universities face financial difficulties, so it is a true mark of professionalism that these scholars stood up against the Turkish propaganda that would compromise everything that educational institutions were created for.

Turkish Propaganda Run Amok.

The new book published by INAF's Cem Basar, "The Terror Dossier and Greece II". But our government would have us believe that Turkey is our "friend" and "ally".

A Turkish map showning Hellenic islands like Chios and Samos as part of Turkey. This map was located on the "Aegean University's" web page located at http://www.ege.edu.tr/Turkiye/pictures/egemap02.jpg .

The Turkish propaganda machine has once again intensified its attempts to misinform the international community. These attempts have now been so wide-spread, that they include the funding of internationally renowned universities, the publications of numerous books and "reports", the creation of web sites around the world, as well as smaller localized activities.

The new addition to the numerous anti-Hellenic (and Kurdish, and Armenian, and...) publications, is Cem Basar's "The Terror Dossier II". In it he describes the Hellenic governments sponsorship of international terrorism, as well as "any policy that hurts Turkey".

Turkey has also actively pursued the Internet as an outlet for its cheap propaganda. Unlike the UN or other international bodies, one does not have the luxury to answer the ludicrous claims that they make.

The Turkish government is so active in this goal, that the only government body with a web server is the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But an official government web site might be a bit too confrontational or even self-defeating in their attempts to misinform. This is why numerous educational institutions in Turkey publish the propaganda demanded by them from MIT. Some, like the "Aegean University", take it to such extremes, that they even publish maps in which Hellenic islands are depicted as being Turkish!

Many other sites have been created by Turkish "students" through-out the world. And in their sometimes amateurish ways, they try to present liberated Thrace as a place where Turks are oppressed. But what can we expect from a murderous bunch, who have even "converted" the massacre of 2.5 million Armenians, into a massacre of "Muslims and Jews"? Or have presented the invasion of a small island state into a "peace operation"?

In Search Of a Government.

Some of the pictures of Mrs. Liani, as they appeared in both Hellenic and foreign press.

Although Mrs. Liani admitted to having a "liberal" lifestyle, why is she still trying to present herself to the Hellenic public as a "God-fearing Christian"?

While "our" politicians were concerning themselves with the political ambitions of Mrs. Liani, animals like the ones depicted in these photos burned Hellenic flags, and caused several million drachmes worth of damage.

Fire, riots, prison uprisings, vandalism, clashes with police... all of the above rocked the heart of Athens and even Thessaloniki, while our elected officials spent countless hours arguing over the political ambitions of Mrs. Liani-Papandreou.

The ambitions of Mrs. Liani or any other citizen is of no particular concern to the Hellenic nation. The nation speaks every 4 years, and makes decisions based on facts and records.

What concerns Hellenism is the inaction of our government when vandals and convicted felons riot and vandalize uncontrolled, public property. The stupidity on the part of the government was so great, that they first declared that riot police (MAT units) would not be used, and then went on to "negotiate" with thieves and rapists.

The Polytechnic University (like all Universities), is an educational institution who's purpose is to provide Hellenic youth with knowledge and the know-how to advance in their fields, and to make advances for Hellas. It is not a base for the illegal activities of extreme leftists (or ANY political party or movement).

On the other hand, correctional institutions were created for the incarceration of the criminal elements of our society. The hardships experienced in those facilities are a fact prisoners must live with, not something they can "negotiate" about.

But alas... let the public sleep, since we have Mrs. Liani to talk about.

NATO ready to accept autonomy of Thrace!

Pan-Turkism, and the desire for the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire have made our liberated Thrace a target of Turkey.

The flags displayed in public by the supporters of the "Islamic State of Western Thrace".

While our politicians try to use the NATO exercise to gain political points, Turkey continues to pursue the conquest of Thrace, as shown in this image.


As the "New World Order" of things cuts countries and people to pieces, so does the inaction and irresponsibility of politicians. While it is evident that NATO would betray Hellas and her people in time of war, it seemed like a shock to a large number of Hellenic politicians.

The issue of course is not with the "on paper" exercise, or even the "computer games" many in NATO or the government used to excuse the betrayal of Hellenism. The issue rests with the fact that regardless of the "truth" with regard to the above "exercise", NATO and our European "partners" would betray us in time of crisis.

Of course, much more should not be expected from a people that were burning Hellenes alive just over 20 years ago. What would be expected should be for Hellenes to prepare themselves, and put national interest before personal goals.

It seems though that neither Mr. Evert, nor PA.SO.K. wished to resolve this issue for the better good of Hellas. The first "leaked" the information to a newspaper, and later on even named the source of his information (what a sign of a leader!). PASOK on the other hand, not only "dragged its feet" with regard to this issue, it also lied to the Hellenic people as to the nature of NATO and U.S. bases, and their activities in, from, and with Hellas.

It took a scandal of such proportions, for the Hellenic people to finally find out that NATO bases in Hellas were used in missions in Bosnia. NATO and the U.S. are in fact acting without taking into account the decisions of the Hellenic people and government, even when operating from our soil!

The only solution that remains for Hellas to re-establish total control over our state, is for the withdrawal of Hellas from both NATO and the E.U., and the removal of all foreign bases and forces from our country.

Albania creates a minority of oppressed Arvanites in Epirus.

One of the many maps circulated by Albanians, showing the extent of the "Albanian" populated areas.


A select few Hellenes still remember the Hellenic minority of Northern Epirus, and the daily struggles they face. While the Hellenic government has put a stop to any talk about the Hellenic minority in N. Epirus, their struggles, or their desire to be free, the Albanians have started a campaign of propaganda with liberated Epirus as the target.

Publications describing Arvanites as "Albanians", and maps showing their extent to even Lakonia (!), have been circulating and getting the support of many of Hellas' enemies.

But our "progressive" friends in the left (SYN), would much rather concern themselves with the "equality" of "minorities" (even if they have to create some), rather than the problems of Hellenes.

Mr. Gianni Sxiza (writing in the paper of SYN) has the following to say:

    "Bebaia, to  va ginetai  shmera logos gia Albavikh  meionothta sthv Ellada eivai toso kwmiko oso kai to va givetai logos gia irlandikh meionothta stis HPA.."

    "Of course, to  discuss the (non)existence  of an Albanian minority in Hellas  is as  comical as  discussing  the (non)existence of an Irish minority in the USA.."

    "Oi poluari0moi Arbanites ths Elladas - kai  gia thn akribeia pleon Ellhves albavikhs katagwghs.."

    "The populous  Arvanites of Hellas - and  to be  accurate  with the times, Hellenes of Albanian descent.."

Who needs enemies, when you have "patriots" like the ones SYN (Coalition of the Left) prescribes to?

More Turk-Israeli anti-Hellenic propaganda.

The cover of the book "The Terror Dossier and Greece" by Cem Basar.


Disapointed with the improved relation between Hellas and Syria, Israel has intensified its propaganda campaign against Hellas. Following the creation of the INAF (International Affairs Agency) by the MIT, Israel has tried its best to promote that propaganda as facts.

Using Cem Basar's imaginative "The Terror Dossier and Greece", many Israeli newspapers including the Jerusalem Post, describe Hellas as a Palestinian and terrorist training camp. Both aim the destruction of Hellenism, and both have ambitions against Cyprus.

The Jewish journalist Yitzchak Kerem has said in the past that:

    "I  can  confirm  from   personal   investigations  that  (Andreas) Papandreou   received  a  large   economic   contribution  in  his  pre-election campaign from Iraq and Libya in the end of 1970's and 80's."

The Jewish journalist also goes on to say that Hellas supports all historical enemies of Turkey. This includes the PKK and ASALA, as well as Syria. He also believes that the support of the Palestinian cause by Hellas is primarily supported by the Hellenic Orthodox congregations in Arabic states.

Turkish occupied Asian Minor Aegean coast under military control.

As reported by Turkish newspapers and foreign news sources, major touristic areas and resorts on the Aegean coast of Asia Minor will fall under the direct control of the Turkish military.

According to the military's position, no property may be rented to non-Turks unless approval is granted by military authorities. Restrictions will also be applied to most businesses regardless of the consequences to the tourist industry.

Just as a reminder, Turkey has established the 4th "Aegean" Army in the region directly across the Hellenic islands. Turkey does not recognize the islands' continental shell, territorial waters, and demands the de-militarization of the islands.

One only wonders what plans Turkish military planners have in mind.

The Ipekci "awards"... When will Hellenes awaken?

The Ipekci "award" given to Demetri Kitsis.


As the supreme sign of "culture" (koultouriareoi), many "Hellenes" have accepted the Ipekci "award" for Helleno-Turkish "friendship". But who was this journalist named Abdi Ipekci?

On August 21 1976, this "symbol" of Helleno-Turkish "friendship" and "peace" had the following to say in the Turkish daily Milliyet:

    "Looking at Turkey, the Hellenes were jumping all over the Aegean.. these  failures   (of  the  Turkish   governments)  created  great injustices  against  Turkey. One  only needs  to look at  a map to understand  the dominance  of the  Hellenes in  the Aegean  is not justified. This  situation must change... The  question is whether this will be accomplished with violence or not."

With such peacefully inspiring words, how could one resist the temptation of trying to achieve such an "award"?

New Skopjean Flag.

Images of the new Skopjean flag.


After months of "negotiations", the Skopjeans finally decided to remove the Sun of Vergina from their flag. For Hellas to achieve this, the PA.SO.K. government agreed to drop all economic and political measures that kept the Skopjeans on the negotiating table!

Furthermore, the former flag of FYROM (with the Vergina sun), was clearly adopted by Skopje to be used as a bargaining chip for future negotiations. True enough, the Hellenic government fell for it (or in reality was forced by the US to fall for it).

It is a sad day to see a country sign away its past and future, all in the name of a US President's pre-election campaign.

UN turns blind eye to military preparations by Turkish occupation forces.

While the Cypriot government makes talk of total demilitarization of the island, the Turkish occupation forces steadily maintain and add to their military defenses and weapon systems.

The role of the UN (and UNFICYP) has been to deny the construction of such defenses, and to excuse such construction as "public works". A most recent example was with the construction of new military installations on the Roka area, near Pyli Lefkosia (Pulh Leukwsias).

Mr. Arotis, who is a member of the Cypriot government, declared that a grievance and complaint will be expressed and filed with the UN. After 21 years of inaction on the part of the UN and international "community", one would figure that the above action is a waste of time and effort...

US President Clinton recognizes a Macedonian nation!

The front page of the Slav-"Macedonian" newspaper Macedonian Tribune, and the White House recognition of the "Macedonian" nation, signed by non-other than Bill Clinton.


As hard as the politicians in Athens might try to convince the Hellenic public that the name of Macedonia will always be Hellenic, they know for a fact that the sell-out of our history and culture is just another measure to assure them the support of their "western allies" for personal goals and aspirations.

Not only does the foreign media constantly refer to FYROM as "Macedonia", but so do most foreign politicians that are quite aware of the current situation. Of course, since the incapable politicians can't even present our position, nor get the support of any of our EU "countrymen", how can we expect anything more from an American president?

Here are Mr. Clinton's statements as published in "Macedonian Tribune":

                THE WHITE HOUSE
                 July 25, 1995

      Greetings to everyone gathered in Arlington for the seventy fourth   annual  convention   of  the   Macedonian Patriotic Organization.
      Our nation was built on the dreams and deeds of immigrants.
People from every  region of the world have made profound and 
lasting contributions to  our society.  The abundant gifts of the Macedonian people and culture have helped to make America
strong,  and each of  you can take  pride in your efforts to 
maintain and advance this important legacy. I commend you for 
working to ensure that our great country continues to live up to the ideals of liberty and equality on which it was founded.
      Together,  we can create a  more  peaceful,  prosperous world for all of our people.
      Best wishes for a woderful event.

                      Signed - Bill Clinton

But according to "our" politicians, we are the ones that have "won" the issue of the name of Macedonia.

Turkish State in Western Thrace!

Thousands of Turks mourn the death of Sadik in Constantinople. Notice the flags of Turkey and the "Islamic State of Western Thrace", hanging by the sides of the picture of Sadik.

The Turks look upon Sadik as a warrior for the Turkish state. What was his purpose in the Hellenic parliament?


Ahmet Sadik, the Turkish spy, has finally been silenced by all powerful God. His actions as a private citizen and as an elected official are quite clear to the public. His undermining of our national security is becoming more and more evident. As soon as news of his death became public, the Turkish propaganda machine went into action.

The first reports by the Turkish media and government officials talked about "Greek involvement" in Sadik's accidental automobile crash. Not only was this propaganda aimed for the internal consumption of the suffering Turkish people, but also for the Hellenic Muslims and the international community.

Information now available also show Turkey's active sponsorship of the "Islamic State of Western Thrace"! What Turkey got away with in 1974, they are trying to now re-live in 1995.

FACT: The name of the street in Constantinople that passes in front of the Patriarchy is named after Satrazam Ali Pasha. He is of course the Pasha who ordered the hanging of Patriarch Grigorio the Fifth. After the announcement of the death of Sadik, the Turkish government decided to rename the above mentioned street in honor of Ahmet Sadik! It seems that Sadik was a better anti-Hellene than the Pasha that murdered our Patriarch!


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