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Turkish State in Western Thrace!

Thousands of Turks mourn the death of Sadik in Constantinople. Notice the flags of Turkey and the "Islamic State of Western Thrace", hanging by the sides of the picture of Sadik.

The Turks look upon Sadik as a warrior for the Turkish state. What was his purpose in the Hellenic parliament?

Ahmet Sadik, the Turkish spy, has finally been silenced by all powerful God. His actions as a private citizen and as an elected official are quite clear to the public. His undermining of our national security is becoming more and more evident. As soon as news of his death became public, the Turkish propaganda machine went into action.

The first reports by the Turkish media and government officials talked about "Greek involvement" in Sadik's accidental automobile crash. Not only was this propaganda aimed for the internal consumption of the suffering Turkish people, but also for the Hellenic Muslims and the international community.

Information now available also show Turkey's active sponsorship of the "Islamic State of Western Thrace"! What Turkey got away with in 1974, they are trying to now re-live in 1995.

FACT: The name of the street in Constantinople that passes in front of the Patriarchy is named after Satrazam Ali Pasha. He is of course the Pasha who ordered the hanging of Patriarch Grigorio the Fifth. After the announcement of the death of Sadik, the Turkish government decided to rename the above mentioned street in honor of Ahmet Sadik! It seems that Sadik was a better anti-Hellene than the Pasha that murdered our Patriarch!




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