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US President Clinton recognizes a Macedonian nation!

The front page of the Slav-"Macedonian" newspaper Macedonian Tribune, and the White House recognition of the "Macedonian" nation, signed by non-other than Bill Clinton.

As hard as the politicians in Athens might try to convince the Hellenic public that the name of Macedonia will always be Hellenic, they know for a fact that the sell-out of our history and culture is just another measure to assure them the support of their "western allies" for personal goals and aspirations.

Not only does the foreign media constantly refer to FYROM as "Macedonia", but so do most foreign politicians that are quite aware of the current situation. Of course, since the incapable politicians can't even present our position, nor get the support of any of our EU "countrymen", how can we expect anything more from an American president?

Here are Mr. Clinton's statements as published in "Macedonian Tribune":

                          THE WHITE HOUSE

                           July 25, 1995

      Greetings to everyone gathered in Arlington for the seventy
    fourth   annual  convention   of  the   Macedonian  Patriotic 
      Our nation was built on the dreams and deeds of immigrants.
    People from every  region of the world have made profound and 
    lasting contributions to  our society.  The abundant gifts of 
    the Macedonian people and culture have helped to make America
    strong,  and each of  you can take  pride in your  efforts to 
    maintain and advance this important legacy. I commend you for 
    working to ensure that our great country continues to live up 
    to the ideals of liberty and equality on which it was founded.
    Together,  we can create a  more  peaceful,  prosperous world 
    for all of our people.
      Best wishes for a woderful event.

                      Signed - Bill Clinton

But according to "our" politicians, we are the ones that have "won" the issue of the name of Macedonia.



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