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The Ipekci "awards"... When will Hellenes awaken?

The Ipekci "award" given to Demetri Kitsis.

As the supreme sign of "culture" (koultouriareoi), many "Hellenes" have accepted the Ipekci "award" for Helleno-Turkish "friendship". But who was this journalist named Abdi Ipekci?

On August 21 1976, this "symbol" of Helleno-Turkish "friendship" and "peace" had the following to say in the Turkish daily Milliyet:

    "Looking at Turkey, the Hellenes were jumping all over the Aegean..
     these  failures   (of  the  Turkish   governments)  created  great
     injustices  against  Turkey. One  only needs  to look at  a map to
     understand  the dominance  of the  Hellenes in  the Aegean  is not
     justified. This  situation must change... The  question is whether
     this will be accomplished with violence or not."

With such peacefully inspiring words, how could one resist the temptation of trying to achieve such an "award"?



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