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More Turk-Israeli anti-Hellenic propaganda.

The cover of the book "The Terror Dossier and Greece" by Cem Basar.

Disapointed with the improved relation between Hellas and Syria, Israel has intensified its propaganda campaign against Hellas. Following the creation of the INAF (International Affairs Agency) by the MIT, Israel has tried its best to promote that propaganda as facts.

Using Cem Basar's imaginative "The Terror Dossier and Greece", many Israeli newspapers including the Jerusalem Post, describe Hellas as a Palestinian and terrorist training camp. Both aim the destruction of Hellenism, and both have ambitions against Cyprus.

The Jewish journalist Yitzchak Kerem has said in the past that:

    "I  can  confirm  from   personal   investigations  that  (Andreas)
     Papandreou   received  a  large   economic   contribution  in  his
     pre-election campaign from Iraq and Libya in the end of 1970's and

The Jewish journalist also goes on to say that Hellas supports all historical enemies of Turkey. This includes the PKK and ASALA, as well as Syria. He also believes that the support of the Palestinian cause by Hellas is primarily supported by the Hellenic Orthodox congregations in Arabic states.



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