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Albania creates a minority of oppressed Arvanites in Epirus.

One of the many maps circulated by Albanians, showing the extent of the "Albanian" populated areas.

A select few Hellenes still remember the Hellenic minority of Northern Epirus, and the daily struggles they face. While the Hellenic government has put a stop to any talk about the Hellenic minority in N. Epirus, their struggles, or their desire to be free, the Albanians have started a campaign of propaganda with liberated Epirus as the target.

Publications describing Arvanites as "Albanians", and maps showing their extent to even Lakonia (!), have been circulating and getting the support of many of Hellas' enemies.

But our "progressive" friends in the left (SYN), would much rather concern themselves with the "equality" of "minorities" (even if they have to create some), rather than the problems of Hellenes.

Mr. Gianni Sxiza (writing in the paper of SYN) has the following to say:

    "Bebaia, to  va ginetai  shmera logos gia Albavikh  meionothta sthv
     Ellada eivai toso kwmiko oso kai to va givetai logos gia irlandikh
     meionothta stis HPA.."

    "Of course, to  discuss the (non)existence  of an Albanian minority
     in Hellas  is as  comical as  discussing  the (non)existence of an
     Irish minority in the USA.."

    "Oi poluari0moi Arbanites ths Elladas - kai  gia thn akribeia pleon
     Ellhves albavikhs katagwghs.."

    "The populous  Arvanites of Hellas - and  to be  accurate  with the
     times, Hellenes of Albanian descent.."

Who needs enemies, when you have "patriots" like the ones SYN (Coalition of the Left) prescribes to?



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