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NATO ready to accept autonomy of Thrace!

Pan-Turkism, and the desire for the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire have made our liberated Thrace a target of Turkey.

The flags displayed in public by the supporters of the "Islamic State of Western Thrace".

While our politicians try to use the NATO exercise to gain political points, Turkey continues to pursue the conquest of Thrace, as shown in this image.

As the "New World Order" of things cuts countries and people to pieces, so does the inaction and irresponsibility of politicians. While it is evident that NATO would betray Hellas and her people in time of war, it seemed like a shock to a large number of Hellenic politicians.

The issue of course is not with the "on paper" exercise, or even the "computer games" many in NATO or the government used to excuse the betrayal of Hellenism. The issue rests with the fact that regardless of the "truth" with regard to the above "exercise", NATO and our European "partners" would betray us in time of crisis.

Of course, much more should not be expected from a people that were burning Hellenes alive just over 20 years ago. What would be expected should be for Hellenes to prepare themselves, and put national interest before personal goals.

It seems though that neither Mr. Evert, nor PA.SO.K. wished to resolve this issue for the better good of Hellas. The first "leaked" the information to a newspaper, and later on even named the source of his information (what a sign of a leader!). PASOK on the other hand, not only "dragged its feet" with regard to this issue, it also lied to the Hellenic people as to the nature of NATO and U.S. bases, and their activities in, from, and with Hellas.

It took a scandal of such proportions, for the Hellenic people to finally find out that NATO bases in Hellas were used in missions in Bosnia. NATO and the U.S. are in fact acting without taking into account the decisions of the Hellenic people and government, even when operating from our soil!

The only solution that remains for Hellas to re-establish total control over our state, is for the withdrawal of Hellas from both NATO and the E.U., and the removal of all foreign bases and forces from our country.



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