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Some of the pictures of Mrs. Liani, as they appeared in both Hellenic and foreign press.

Although Mrs. Liani admitted to having a "liberal" lifestyle, why is she still trying to present herself to the Hellenic public as a "God-fearing Christian"?

While "our" politicians were concerning themselves with the political ambitions of Mrs. Liani, animals like the ones depicted in these photos burned Hellenic flags, and caused several million drachmes worth of damage.

Fire, riots, prison uprisings, vandalism, clashes with police... all of the above rocked the heart of Athens and even Thessaloniki, while our elected officials spent countless hours arguing over the political ambitions of Mrs. Liani-Papandreou.

The ambitions of Mrs. Liani or any other citizen is of no particular concern to the Hellenic nation. The nation speaks every 4 years, and makes decisions based on facts and records.

What concerns Hellenism is the inaction of our government when vandals and convicted felons riot and vandalize uncontrolled, public property. The stupidity on the part of the government was so great, that they first declared that riot police (MAT units) would not be used, and then went on to "negotiate" with thieves and rapists.

The Polytechnic University (like all Universities), is an educational institution who's purpose is to provide Hellenic youth with knowledge and the know-how to advance in their fields, and to make advances for Hellas. It is not a base for the illegal activities of extreme leftists (or ANY political party or movement).

On the other hand, correctional institutions were created for the incarceration of the criminal elements of our society. The hardships experienced in those facilities are a fact prisoners must live with, not something they can "negotiate" about.

But alas... let the public sleep, since we have Mrs. Liani to talk about.



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