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Turkish Propaganda Run Amok.

The new book published by INAF's Cem Basar, "The Terror Dossier and Greece II". But our government would have us believe that Turkey is our "friend" and "ally".

A Turkish map showning Hellenic islands like Chios and Samos as part of Turkey. This map was located on the "Aegean University's" web page located at http://www.ege.edu.tr/Turkiye/pictures/egemap02.jpg .

The Turkish propaganda machine has once again intensified its attempts to misinform the international community. These attempts have now been so wide-spread, that they include the funding of internationally renowned universities, the publications of numerous books and "reports", the creation of web sites around the world, as well as smaller localized activities.

The new addition to the numerous anti-Hellenic (and Kurdish, and Armenian, and...) publications, is Cem Basar's "The Terror Dossier II". In it he describes the Hellenic governments sponsorship of international terrorism, as well as "any policy that hurts Turkey".

Turkey has also actively pursued the Internet as an outlet for its cheap propaganda. Unlike the UN or other international bodies, one does not have the luxury to answer the ludicrous claims that they make.

The Turkish government is so active in this goal, that the only government body with a web server is the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But an official government web site might be a bit too confrontational or even self-defeating in their attempts to misinform. This is why numerous educational institutions in Turkey publish the propaganda demanded by them from MIT. Some, like the "Aegean University", take it to such extremes, that they even publish maps in which Hellenic islands are depicted as being Turkish!

Many other sites have been created by Turkish "students" through-out the world. And in their sometimes amateurish ways, they try to present liberated Thrace as a place where Turks are oppressed. But what can we expect from a murderous bunch, who have even "converted" the massacre of 2.5 million Armenians, into a massacre of "Muslims and Jews"? Or have presented the invasion of a small island state into a "peace operation"?



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