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US Scholars Outraged at Turkish Propaganda.

As reported by the Hellenic Nationalist Page, Turkey has intensified her attempts to spread her propaganda to internationally renowned universities around the world.

The situation is such an insult to U.S. academia, that scholars have organized and petitioned against the Turkish "grants" and "donations" that amount to millions of US dollars.

In an article published in the Chronicle Of Higher Education, Amy Magaro Rubin exposes the Turkish attempts at historic revisionism. The charges are so great, that even fraud and "influence" of appointments is being mentioned.

The fact that these actions are taking place is not the big surprise in this situation, but rather the focus and attention US scholars have placed on these actions. Many U.S. Universities face financial difficulties, so it is a true mark of professionalism that these scholars stood up against the Turkish propaganda that would compromise everything that educational institutions were created for.



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