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Para-Religious Cults In Hellas

Recent cover of Time magazine, in which they uncovered many of the demented practices of this cult.

According to reports by the Hellenic government and Orthodox Church, there are over 300 cults operating in Hellas today. The only purpose of these cults is to undermine our nation and our social fabric.

According to the Hellenic Newspapers "Ethnos" and "Eleftheros Tipos", Hellenic authorities have seized documents which prove that one such cult, the "Church of Scientology", engaged in such actions as gathering private government documents, providing narcotics to youths, keeping records of members and non-members, distributing lists of "enemies", and many other illegal and devious acts.

This "church" of scientology is notorious for its world-wide actions against individuals; much more than we can go into detail here. The fact that the founder of this "church" believes that we are a science experiment of "alien" beings is enough for most people to realize the brainwashing that needs to take place for people to join this group.

Many people around the world have joined forces to stop this evil and demented group of individuals from spreading and forcing their views on the innocent youth of the world. But this "church" is not alone.

It is the responsibility of the Hellenic government to stop and remove all such cult groups from Hellas. It is a disservice to our nation and youth to have such individuals operating freely within our country, simply because they proclaim that they are a "religious" group.



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