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US Arms Albania And Turkey.

A US Army MLRS rocket system, with the ATACMS missile in the fore-ground.

Once again, another "ally" and "friend" of ours has seen fit to arm the enemies of Hellenism and democracy. This time around, the US government has seen fit to provide high-tech military technology to both Albania and Turkey, both of which are notorious for their human rights violations.

According to a recent "Washington Post National Weekly Edition", the United States is prepared to send 2 TOW (anti-tank) and 5 Vulcan (anti-aircraft) systems to Albania in FY96 (Fiscal Year 1996), for 2 million dollars. Furthermore, the US intends on providing Albania with T-37 jet trainers and 2 patrol boats for free.

Although Albania's wasteful military practices are of common knowledge, providing such an oppressive state, in such an unstable geographic area, with such weapon systems is moronic (to say the least).

Albania's military is in such shambles, that out of 4 Whiskey class submarines "in service", none can submerge, and one of them is used as a generator at Sazan Island for a military base there. Their present military condition might be a laughing matter, but for the US to arm them when they know the situation in Kossovo and FYROM (with the Albanian minorities), that for sure is not a matter one can laugh about.

After a decade in which the US sold 7.8 billion dollars worth of weapon systems to Turkey, the US government also decided to sell its most advanced ground-to-ground missile (ATACMS) to them.

On December 1st, the US government notified the Congress of their intent to sell this most advanced missile to Turkey. A decision must be reached by the 16th of the same month.

The ATACMS missile is to be used with the MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) systems already in use with the Turkish army. This missile was designed to replace the Pershing tactical nuclear missile system that was in use in central Europe through-out the 1980's. The ATACMS missile has a range in excess of 100km, and will most likely be deployed in the Aegean and Kurdistan.

Turkey will be the first non-US state to acquire this system, and this is the first such weapon system to be introduced into the region. The contract includes 120 ATACMS missiles, and is valued at more than 128 million dollars.

The Hellenic government has made no official announcement yet, since they rather talk about succession and the health of Mr. Papandreou.



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