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District Attorney Releases Turkish Spy.

In perhaps another insult towards the intelligence of the Hellenic people, the Cypriot government and judicial system managed to set free a Turkish smuggler of illicit drugs and other controlled substances, and suspected MIT agent.

In the state's case against Mr. Ergan Eimes Gousouf, the files pertaining to his case were being transferred from office to office for over 20 days. The files eventually reached the hands of Mr. Aleko Makride just 4 days prior to the trial.

As if this case was the lone "insult" towards justice, in a similar case versus Mr. Orkan, the defendants attorneys have appealed to the UN regarding physical abuses of their client!

Since the two cases were related, one wonders if Mr. Gousouf was not released to relieve tensions and allegations of police misconduct.

But the case does not end there. Following the capture of National Guard soldier Giorgos Karotsakis, the Cypriot government has been looking for a way to negotiate his (and another Hellenic Cypriot's) release from the northern occupied territories. Although the Cypriot government denies this, it is the most probable cause for Gousouf's release.

Following the release, the Cypriot government (and Mr. Klerides) suggested that they were not informed of the districts attorney's decision till after Mr. Gousouf's re- entry into the occupied territories. Even if their "story" is true, it still proves the total incompetence of the Cypriot government with regard to due process, accountability, and justice.

But let's not misinform our readers and nation. The Cypriot government, just like the Hellenic, is governed by sell-out cowards that determine policy and reactions according to what the "powers that be" tell them to do.



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