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While the EU was hailing the custom union as a step towards "democracy", the Turks were butchering innocent Kurds. The above pictures were obtained from various European newspapers.

In a move that surprised few this past week (with the exception of our "Europaistes"), the European Parliament ratified the custom union between Turkey and the EU.

The European Parliament voted 343-149 with 36 abstentions to allow the customs union between the EU and Turkey to go ahead as of January 1, with some saying that it did so "reluctantly".

The Hellenic "government" said yesterday it had expected the European Parliament's ratification of the EU-Turkey customs union, saying it now expected that Turkey would respect EU principles.

Of course, the Hellenic government "dropped" the veto without securing any compromise by the Turkish government. At the same time Hellas was opening the door of Europe for the barbaric Mongoloids, it failed to secure the dropping of the Turkish veto in NATO that prevents the creation of Strategic Command Centers at Larisa.

Hellas also did not receive an assurement or compromise for Linmos and the surrounding airspace. The Turkish refusal to accept Limnos and the surrounding airspace as being under Hellenic control (during NATO exercises), should have been addressed.

Many things could have been addressed, ranging from the Turkish threats in the Aegean, to the continued occupation of northern Cyprus. The fact remains that not even one issue was raised or dealt with by the administration. The demands of our European "partners" (or better yet - masters) cannot be put on hold to resolve such serious issues.

Of course, the government spread its propaganda to keep the Hellenic masses uninformed. The myth of "civilizing" or "Europeanizing" Turkey is their best argument for the reason they allowed the custom union. As an example, government spokesman Telemahos Hytiris said that "Greece, and the European Union, now expect Turkey to show respect for EU law."

Does Mr.Hytiris care to explain what actions Hellas or the EU will take if Turkey violates those "laws"? Will the EU prevent military and commercial traffic from Turkey to the occupied territories in Cyprus (since EU law disallows transactions with the "TRNC")? Will the EU take any action when Turkey threatens war and violates Hellenic airspace?

But it's not just the traitors in the present government. Although the official policy of the Coalition of the Left and Progress (SYN) read that the European Parliament's decision was "a negative development and a serious blow to democratic principles and values", that did not prevent one of its "Eurodeputies", Mr. Michalis Papayiannakis, to cast a blank ballot.

If one were to ignore Mr. Papayiannakis vote, the totality of Hellenic "Eurodeputies" (including the ones representing the ruling party) voted against the custom union. So what kind of a "democracy" do we live in where the actions of the government do not represent the beliefs of the people, or their representatives? Or is the Hellenic government ready to make the point that the majority of Hellenes approve the removal of our veto, and the custom union with Turkey?

As soon as the customs union takes effect, Turkey will remove its customs tariffs on imports of industrial goods from the European Union, a development which the EU Commission estimates would double EU exports to Turkey over the next five years. So much for "humanitarian" priorities.The customs union frees more than one billion dollars in aid to Turkey and opens Turkish and EU markets to each other. Says a whole lot about our "partners" and "allies". Free military hardware, free economic aid, and political support at all levels... one only wonders if our enemies are half as bad as out "friends"!



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