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Hellenic Troops in Bosnia

In another attempt to appease their American and European masters, the Hellenic government "decided" to send our troops into harms way - Bosnia.

The Hellenic troops will in fact not only go to Bosnia, they will also serve under other European flags! While the "Americans", Russians, and other Europeans insisted on having total control over their soldiers, Hellas passed that responsibility to the Belgians and Luxembourgians!

Our contribution to the IFOR mission is of little or no significance. We have sent some 500 soldiers who will support the IFOR mission by transporting supplies needed by troops in the demarcation line. It seems that Hellas has "truck drivers" that cannot be found in neither the US or EU.

The hypocrisy of this situation is that the Hellenic government had suggested that no Balkan state should send troops or get involved in any way with the Yugoslav civil war. And yet now, they directly do the opposite, and indirectly support the bombing and involvement by the United States.

When Hellenic lands are still under the ruthless control of barbaric animals, what are we doing by getting involved in Bosnia? Where and what are the priorities?



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