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Turkish Plane Crashes Over Aegean

Hellenic F-16 Falcons like the one depicted above, played a key role in the interception of the Turkish fighter-plane.

Thursday December 28, 1995 14:20 (Hellenic local time), a pair of Turkish RF-4Es violated Athens FIR and proceeded to violate Hellenic National Airspace to the extent of flying over the island of Chios!

At that time, a pair of Hellenic Air Force F-16Cs were diverted from their flights to intercept the Turkish planes. The Turkish F-4's continued flying west (away from their airspace and international airspace) and continued penetrating further into Hellenic Airspace.

The HAF F-16s intercepted the F-4's 4 to 6 miles south-west of Mytilene (Lesvos), and while still in Hellenic National Airspace. The Falcons then proceeded to "persuade" the Phantoms to change coarse (the usual steps including "dipping" of wings etc.). When the F-4s continued flying west, a dogfight between the planes took place.

Although all planes involved were armed, both sides deny using weapons against each other. The final result of the dogfight was the crash of the RF-4 into the Aegean, after the HAF F-16 reached an "advantageous" position.

Although the pilots involved did not supply Turkish officials with any information, the Turkish government declared that the crash was a result of "equipment failure". This is the same argument they used a few months back when a Turkish F-16C crashed after being pursued by a HAF Mirage 2000.

Following the crash, Hellenic ships, planes and helicopters took part in SAR operations to rescue the downed Turkish crew. The Hellenic crews rescued the "co-pilot" (navigator/radar controller), and transported him to Mytilene airport, and from there to Vostanio Hospital at 16:20 (local time).

The co-pilot (Ogur Kilar) suffered light trauma and shock. The pilot of the RF-4E has still not been found, but SAR crews are still looking for him. Ogur Kilar, 35, was unable to recall whether his fellow crewman ejected from the plane or not.

Hellas has a 10-mile national airspace which is not recognized by turkey since 1974. They also do not recognize Athens FIR (set by ICAO), and demand half of the Aegean (even though ALL the islands of the Aegean are Hellenic). Hellas has signed the Right to Sea Treaty which allows her to extend her territorial sea and air space to 12 nm. The US and some 100 others have signed the treaty, with the exception of turkey.

Of course, we cannot extend our waters, because the "masters" of our politicians have not given the "O.K."!



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