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Words and Names that Matter


The home page of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located at http://www.mfa.gr

As we had reported last year, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs was the only Turkish government body that had established a web server on the internet. We also went on to report on the propaganda presented there, and the absence of presence of any Hellenic site(s) that answered those preposterous claims (which is what lead to the creation of this site).

Following this period of technological narcosis, the Hellenic government went on to create servers for many of its ministries. One of these ministries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was supposed to present the Hellenic viewpoint on many of the issues that affect our nation, region, and/or world.

While Turkish sites are referring to liberated Hellenic cities and regions by their occupational names, Hellenic servers (and politicians) stood in silence. Hellenic names like Xanthi and Komotini were soon replaced by mongoloid names like "Iskece" and "Gumulcine", and the world became witness to the "suffering" of the "Turkish" minority in liberated Western Thrace.

The world also went on to read or listen to the humiliating remarks of European, American, and Turkish politicians, with regard to Hellenic actions and policies. "It is true that early civilization passed from Greece to the West thousands of years ago." Cried former Turkish Prime Minister and now Minister of Foreign Affairs Deniz Baykal, "We just wish they kept some for themselves."

While the Turkish ministry was guided by a man with obvious intents, the Hellenic ministry was guided by an individual who publicly calls our Armed Forces "incompetent"! This same individual, Mr. Pangalos, has also publicly stated that only possible outcome of a war with Turkey would be defeat. Supposing that what Mr. Pangalos is even in part correct, one would ask what action he or this administration is taking to correct such a situation. Not a week has passed by since the highest officials of our armed forces threatened resignation.

But the defeatist mentality is not one that plagues only Mr. Pangalos. The entire government and most of "our" politicians share this mental illness, and try their best to perpetuate it to the public. That is what one would conclude when they access the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs server, and see Constantinople being referred to as only "Istanbul".

Following a letter sent to the webmaster at the ministry, Hellenic Nationalist Page editor Mr. Dionysios Pilarinos received the following response:

From mfa@mfa.gr Thu May 16 08:21:08 1996
Date: Mon, 6 May 1996 07:32:48 -0400
From: mfa
To: Dionysios Pilarinos
Subject: Re: The use of the word "Istanbul".

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We appreciate your remarks (but not the unnecessary threats) regarding the use of the word Istanbul. You will notice that we change it. If you notice something else contact us.

At 10:17 πμ 3/5/1996 -0700, you wrote:
>I just read a few of your pages and was shocked to learn that you use the
>name "Istanbul" when referring to Constantinople. If this is not yet 
>another action to appease the Turkish state, then I don't know what is.
>I expect you to either correct your error, or provide me with an 
>explanation. I do intend to use the mass media to focus attention on this 
>issue if it is not rectified.
>Dionysios Pilarinos
>Hellenic Nationalist Page: http://www.hellas.org

Although the ministry promptly changed every reference to "Istanbul", it replaced it with the name "Istanbul" (in parenthesis) next to the rightful name of Constantinople. This occurs in every reference to Constantinople, and not just once (as would be appropriate) at the beginning of each document.

The future of our Nation is in your hands. Don't let their pessimist attitudes and defeatist mentality forge a future you know does not suit its nature and proud history.

Why British Beef is Worth More than Macedonia, Thrace, Cyprus, and the Aegean Combined...

British Prime Minister John Major, who took the appropriate actions to defend the interests of his nation.

Two months after the European Union's decision to place a ban on British beef, the British government took active steps to lift the ban. The decision by itself is not that newsworthy, but the method with which they plan on forcing the lifting of the ban is.

British Prime Minister John Major, announced that Britain will bring every single EU action, decision, and legislation to a crawl, by not voting on issues that require an unanimous member state vote. Again, this decision by the British Prime Minister does not affect the Hellenic nation to any great extent, but one should compare that decision to Hellenic ones on vital national interests.

When Hellas had an "embargo" in place against FYROM (we all know about the "loopholes" intentionally created by the government), "our" politicians constantly talked about "pressure" the EU was placing upon us (for the embargo's lifting). The end outcome of these actions is well known.

When Turkey made claims against Thrace, the Aegean, and more than 3,000 of our islands, our "partners" not only ignored our positions, but often sided with the Turkish side. An option at that time could have been to paralyze the EU (much like Major plans to do), until the other member states agreed on the terms set by Hellas for any further dealings with the Turkish state.

Instead of paralyzing the EU, all these puppets, who call themselves "leaders", could do was to veto EU funds to Turkey. And even that attempt seems to be failing, since many EU members are threatening reprisals against possible Cypriot membership.

Now if the above national issues are less important than British beef and the so-called "mad cow decease" (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), than I would love to hear "our" politicians debate or explain that to a national audience. Our Nation is above all, and if that means the destruction of the imperialist EU and its privileged states, than so be it.

Imia and the "Gray Area" of the Aegean


Mr. Lamprakos and the wreath laid in honor of the 3 servicemen who gave their lives for God and country. Incidentally, the two flags in this picture were the ones that sparked the entire controversy, and the government's action!

Not three full months had passed since the Imia crisis, and the new action of the Hellenic government proved what our submission resulted in. What I am referring to of course is the new "status quo" in the Aegean, and the "gray area" or "neutral zone" which was created following the crisis.

In honor of the three servicemen, Panagiotis Blahakos, Ektoras Gialouos, and Christos Karathanasis,that gave their lives at Limnia, the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York, and her president Vasilios Stathakos, decided to lay a wreath in the area where the helicopter fell, as well as on the islet of Imia. The wreath was also decorated on each side by an American and Hellenic flag (similar to the Federation's logo).

The wreath and flags were placed on the islet by Mr. Lamprakos and Mr. Economou, who were escorted to the islet by TELE CITY journalist, Mr. Spiridaki. Their action, whether politically motivated or not, represented the loss and affection felt by the Hellenic nation as a whole. But due to the concessions made on the night of January 31, the raising of our flag on that Hellenic soil is not permitted!

While Turkish citizens were smuggling drugs and illegal immigrants in the Aegean, the Hellenic government saw fit to send two Coast Guard vessels to remove the flag(s)! I can assure you that had the Federation's representatives left only the American flag behind, that flag would still be standing. But as always, the Hellenic government had an excuse to cover their once-again traitorous act. They described the incident as a "provocation" (like raising a flag on any Hellenic soil is cause for "provocation"), and presented the laying of the wreath as a "raising of the flag". Mind you that the flag(s) in question are smaller than those carried by schoolchildren in parades around the world (as indicated by the picture)!

Many will say: "The three are lost, let's not lose any others". I will then advise them to talk to the parents of those that have come before these three. The mothers of those who have lost their boys to the blue waters of the Aegean, while defending not "rocks", but "air". Or the mothers of servicemen who have lost their children defending "rivers" or "ghost-towns." Is this is the Nation of the men and women who once cried "Eleutheria e Thanatos" - "Liberty or Death", or is it the nation who will idly stand by and watch politicians butcher off pieces of land our forefathers gave their lives for?

U.S. Congress Probes Human Rights in Liberated Thrace

The cover of one of the many books in circulation in Turkey (and Western Thrace), that call for the creation of an Islamic Turkish state in our liberated Thrace.

On April 25, a United States Congress sub-committee held hearings concerning human rights practices in Western Thrace. Although Hellenic and American politicians, who so love the political - monetary - contributions and votes of Hellenes, rushed to prove the "informality" of such proceedings, serious actions by the Hellenic and Turkish governments proved otherwise. As did the fact that a total of 15 House Representatives and Senators took part in the proceedings.

On Capitol Hill, "representatives" of the Muslim minority wasted no time when they tried presenting the economic hardships of the region as racist practices against the "Turkish" minority. At the same time, puppets of the Turkish military regime spread their propaganda in liberated Thrace about the "upcoming revolution", and the fact that the "West" recognized their "just" struggle.

The fact that the Muslim minority (which is composed of Turkic, Pomac, and Romanic ethnic groups) has increased in size from about 85,000 to 120,000 , is ignored. Just as ignored as the fact that the Hellenic population of Turkey (in the same period of time) shrank from about 500,000 people, to a minuscule population of about 3,000 (who are mostly elderly).

The Hellenic government, instead of taking the initiative and demanding equal rights for the Hellenes of occupied Eastern Thrace, Constantinople, Imbro, Tenedo, Asia Minor, and Cyprus, it sent the Prime Minister and his "following" to the region to put up a "show" for their American and European masters.

At the same time, the Turkish government grabbed the opportunity to once again make claims against Hellas and Western Thrace. Following the ceremonies and "titles" given to the widow of Ahmet Sadik (as leader of the "Islamic State of Western Thrace"), and the countless books and pamphlets about independence in the region, we now have to contend with the "legalization" the Congressional hearing provided to the above expansionist actions.

Following the Imia crisis, one would imagine that "our" politicians and "allies" would have gained a little bit of wisdom out of that event. All we see as Hellenic patriots is an attack on every front, and no real counter action and defense by "our" incompetent politicians.

Zionists and Mongols - Butchers of Hellenism


Pictures of the suffering imposed upon the innocent civilians of Lebanon.

In a move that surprised many of our ovine "leaders", the states of Israel and Turkey signed a military "cooperation" agreement this past February. As we see it here, it is a logical move by two of the biggest terrorist states on the face of the earth.

This agreement will allow the Israeli air force to use Turkey's airspace and military bases for the "training" its combat pilots. It should be noted that Israel's IAI (Israeli Aircraft Industries) is upgrading 54 Turkish Air Force F-4E Phantom II's to the Phantom 2000 level, and also providing Turkey with advanced missile systems.

Confirming the deal, Defense Minister Oltan Sungurlu said the facility had been recognized to the Jewish state "in view of its limited airspace" . He also went on to say that Athens' reported military cooperation agreement with Syria was against the alliance solidarity within NATO and that it had to be debated at the relevant forum.

But not a few months went by, and the terrorist Jewish state showed the world the true nature of this agreement. Following the heinous attacks against civilian targets in southern Lebanon, Turkish news agencies reported that Jewish planes attacked "PKK training centers" established by the Syrian government.

The fact that these two butchering and terrorist states are ready to do the dirty deeds of the other was also evident by the Israeli Air Force's numerous violations of Nicosia FIR, in conjunction with the Turkish violations of Cyprus' national airspace.

According to the Mr. Taki Hadzidimitriou, President of the Cypriot Parliamentary Committee on Defense, "violations of Nicosia FIR by Israeli fighter aircraft is more common than are the violations by Turkish aircraft"!

Isn't it hypocritical for a people who say that they will "never forget", to ally themselves with a state who is directly responsible for the murder of 20,000 Kurds in just the past decade (not to mention the millions of Hellenes, Armenians, Arabs, etc. in its not so distant past)?

What is there left to say about our other "allies", who so value international "law". Was it not the United States that started bombing Serbian targets after the "market blast" (which was never proven to be the result of Serbian actions)? Where are they today when Israeli aircraft and guns destroy UN camps and civilian targets, taking along with them the lives of hundreds of innocent men, women, and children?

Don't allow our "friends" or the myth of "international law" fool you. The only way to protect Hellenism is to behead the serpents that stand in the way of our glory. Victory will be ours because we will achieve it alone, just like we have done so in the past!

Jews Crucify Jesus for yet a Second Time


The cover of U.S. magazine Time. Similar front covers appeared in numerous other publications.

Just a week before Orthodox Christians around the world were to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ, the Jewish controlled media began its ruthless propaganda war against Christianity.

In a move that surprised many, the major news services, papers, magazines, television stations and other media around the world presented a "debate" as to the validity of the resurrection of Christ. Most of the stories discussed the new "proof" against the Biblical description, as well as the opinions (which were reported as being Christian fact) of heretics and skeptics.

As expected, the origin of this attack against Christianity was non other than Israel. According to the Israeli "archeologist" Joe Zias, Christ was not resurrected, but rather "was buried with his mother Mary and Joseph in one tomb." He explains his position by indicating that a family tomb was found in Jerusalem bearing their names, and that this has never happened in the past!

Adding to the above blasphemous statements are the "professors" who compromise the "Jesus Seminar", which met in the Flamingo Resort Hotel Ballroom in Santa Rosa, California, late last year. According to these "scholars", Judas was not alone in the betrayal of Jesus, and that other Apostles helped him.

We should make note here of what kind of "scholars" these members of the "Jesus Seminar" really are. One member (Paul Verhoeven), is a director of such pornographic material as was the movie "Showgirls". The rest have similar "scholarly" achievements.

If a Christian were to say anything against the Jews or their faith (any time of the year), they would be labeled "racist" and "anti-Semitic" by the media they so love to control. When they make such blatantly blasphemous comments about our Savior, we accept it and even start a "dialogue" about the "validity" of such remarks.

Hellas Signs Away Rights of Northern Epirot Hellenes


One of the many maps circulated by Albanians, showing the extent of the "Albanian" populated areas. This map was presented on this page last year.

In a signing ceremony that took place on March 21st 1996, the Hellenic government signed an agreement with the Albanian government that documents the treason perpetrated upon Hellenism.

One of the key areas of concern is the "legalization" of an Albanian "community" within Hellas. The current administration has taken steps to legalize the more than 300,000 illegal Albanian refugees, and to provide them with the social "safety net" reserved for our own citizens (which is lacking to begin with).

Other than the social services that the Albanians will enjoy off the sweat and suffering of the Hellenic nation, they will also be allowed to open "cultural" centers and schools. At the present time, 2 Albanian schools already operate in Athens.

As one can read from Article 15 of the Hellenic-Albanian Agreement , the two sides must remove "all barriers" which prevent the "enjoyment of personal property" in the neighboring state. This is yet another confirmation of what we have been saying about the Albanian attempts of creating an "Arvanite" minority in Hellas, and the inability of "our" government to do anything decisive to stop Albanian propaganda and expansionism.

Although the agreement was hailed by some as a "victory" for the Hellenic community of Northern Epirus, one need only take a closer look at the agreement to discover the truth. Hellenic schools will be allowed in only 99 villages in Northern Epirus. Of those, if enrollment drops below 32 pupils for any one year, the schools will be closed.

One can clearly see that the solution for our oppressed Hellenic brothers of Northern Epirus is one. Autonomy and eventual union with our Mother Patrida.

President Stephanopoulos Ignores the Elimination of Hellenic Minority

As reported many times by the Hellenic Nationalist Page, there is a systematic attempt by numerous governments (including the Hellenic one), to "eliminate" the Hellenic population of Northern Epirus, reduce their numbers, and/or ignore the hardships they endure by the Albanian authorities.

While the evidence is clearly there, it doesn't seem to affect Mr. Stephanopoulos delusions that relations between Hellas and Albania are "resolved". President Stephanopoulos went to the extreme of actually visiting Albania this week, even though at that same time, Hellenic schools at Dropoli and Fastrani were being set ablaze by Albanian "unknowns"!

Mr. Stephanopoulos was ready to make so many concessions to the Albanians, that he was even allowed to address the entire Albanian parliament. And there was a good reason for the Albanians to let him do so. According to a report by the Albanian radio on Wednesday March 13th, officials in Tirana hope to sign an agreement on legalizing the illegal Albanian emigrants working in Greece! Referring to a recent Albanian decision to lift visas for Greek citizens, Engjell Dakli, Minister of Labor and Immigration, urged Greece to reciprocate, at least for the Albanian "businessmen".

But the reaction of Hellenic Patriots around the world was an indication of what Hellas and Hellenism means to us, and the extent to which we will go to protect them. Following the calls of Konitsa's Metropolitan Andreas, Hellenic organizations around the world condemned the visit of Mr. Stephanopoulos to Tirana. But, as expected, the last people the Hellenic government would listen to is the people they are supposed to represent.

U.S. Government Takes Another Stab at Hellenism


The seal of the US Department of State.

On March 6th of this year, the U.S. State Department released its 1995 country reports on "Human Rights Practices". With great anticipation, politicians around the world (with "ours" being first in line) awaited to see the "report card" handed out to them by their master.

I will not spend (waste) your time pointing out the hypocrisy of having a country like the US commenting and judging the actions of the Hellenic government or Hellas' security forces. I believe that the US should spend her resources more wisely by locating and solving issues of concern on her soil.

But let us now focus on the parts of the report(s) that vindicate the positions expressed previously on the Hellenic Nationalist Page.

Not less than a month ago, we reported on the "ethnic cleansing" of the Hellenic community of Northern Epirus, by the CIA. Today, we have information that implicates the US State Department, and thus the entire US government.

Under the 1995 Country Report for Albania, the "National/Racial/Ethnic" composition of Albania consists of 80,000 "ethnic Greeks". Compared to the national population of 3,413,904 (CIA 1995 estimate), the Hellenes of Northern Epirus represent 2.3% of Albania's population! This figure is even lower than the one reported by the CIA for this year, and definitely lower than the 8% reported in 1993.

Although the Department of State seems to have a problem accounting for the ethnic Hellenes ("Greeks"), it seems to have no problem locating "ethnic Macedonians". If this is not yet another confirmation that the lifting of the Hellenic embargo against the Skopje regime created a de facto recognition of FYROM as "Macedonia", then I don't know what is.

Speaking of FYROM, it should be noted that according to the State Department (meaning US, and of course including the Athens and Skopje governments), there are no ethnic Hellenes in (what is referred to only by Hellas as) FYROM. I should mention that all Macedonian organizations and societies around the world have demanded that the Hellenic government recognize and protect the Hellenes in FYROM.

I must admit that the greatest surprise in all of these reports was the opening paragraph for the Country Report on Cyprus. "Cyprus has been divided since the Turkish military intervention of 1974, following a coup d'etat directed from Greece". If this is what our "friends" have to say about the issue, I hate to see the outcome of any US-led negotiations to bring "peace" to the island. Reading the report one gets the impression that both "authorities" on the island are viewed as equals. It seems that U.N. resolutions matter little when the "mighty" State Department releases its reports.

It is about time the Hellenic people recognized the betrayal of the Hellenic governments. We should not "lift" our embargo (against FYROM or anyone else), when the U.S. holds one against Cuba for three decades, or when Turkey holds one against Armenia. We should not sit at a negotiating table, when the people "running" it are directly responsible for the Cyprus invasion of 1974, and the continued military build-up and aggression of Turkey. We will only succeed when we put Hellas first!

Spies Roam Free in the Aegean

In perhaps another blow by our "friends" and "allies", two spies from Italy and the Netherlands were caught and expelled from Hellas this month.

The Hellenic government on Friday March 1st, requested Italy and the Netherlands recall their military attaches in Athens, after the two diplomats were caught collecting military-related information on the east Aegean island of Lesvos three days before the Imia islet crisis.

According to the Hellenic government, the two spies had "diplomatic immunity", and could not be prosecuted!

The Italian defense ministry said in a statement Saturday that it had given its attaché in Athens, Colonel Mario Volpicelli, a "period of leave in Italy." The statement continued stating that "Volpicelli's conduct has always been in line with the existing relations between a friendly and allied country like Greece," it said, adding that it was "deeply surprised by the blown-up episode."!

Dutch Foreign Minister Hans van Mierlo called the incident a "small storm in a large teacup." In any case, the Dutch "diplomat" involved has been recalled to the Netherlands on leave.

The inaction and cover-up by the Hellenic government is yet another indication of who is in charge in Hellas.

Turkey Threatens International Press Agencies


Publications around the world presented the barbaric actions of the Turkish state, as shown above.

Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Onur Oyman has announced that the Turkish government will take legal action against press institutions, like CBS for "deliberately smearing Turkey." Oyman's statement, which was delivered at a January 16th press conference in Ankara, follows the broadcast of a segment on the CBS news show, 60 Minutes, calling attention to the ongoing human rights violations against the Kurdish minority in Turkey. CBS stated that it stands by its report.

Turkish Foreign Ministry officials have also announced their intention to sue two European newspapers, The European and the Scottish paper, Daily Record, for "attempting to defame Turkey" in reports about Turkey's military campaign against the Kurds and allegations of drug trading by Turkish diplomats. The European, in particular, has come under heavy attack from the Turkish government for publishing photos of Turkish soldiers holding up, in triumph, the decapitated heads of two Kurds.

It should be noted that on Sunday March 3rd, CBS made a public apology during the broadcast of the show "60 Minutes", because they presented a Turkish flag with a scull in the foreground (during the initial airing of the segment on Turkish genocide against the Kurds). I suppose that for CBS, a "graphic" presented on national television is more "offensive" than the fact that almost 20,000 Kurds have been murdered by Turkish military and paramilitary troops.

Turks of Bulgaria Join Attila


Portion of US CIA map indicating the areas of Bulgaria (marked in brown) in which Turks constitute the majority of the population.

According to a report by Bulgaria's largest newspaper, 24 Hours, there are approximately 2,000 Turks from Bulgaria who are currently serving in the ranks of the Turk-Cypriot occupational forces.

Due to the mass exodus of Turk-Cypriots from the economically devastated and politically oppressive occupied "North", the Denktas "government" has taken measures to assure the demographic survival of the Turkish element on the island of Cyprus.

For years now reports by Turkish and international press agencies and government bodies have supplied evidence of the mass migration of "mainland" Turks to the island, and the mass emigration of the local Turkish element.

According to published estimates, about 75,000 to 85,000 "mainland" Turks have moved to the occupied territories, to supplement the departure of the Turk-Cypriot population.

What the recent 24 Hours report shines light on is the "benefits" the Denktas regime is using to lure Turks to the occupied territories, as well as the "requirements" it has of these individuals.

Some of the benefits outlined in the report include employment and monetary compensation, citizenship and passports that allow migration to Turkey, as well as "aiding" in attempts to obtain working visas for European (EU) nations like Britain and Germany. It should be noted that all paperwork and "visas" obtained in the occupied territories are considered valid and legal in Turkey and all her embassies and consulates abroad.

If a Turk from Bulgaria is to accept such an "agreement", he is expected to serve at least four times a year in the Turk-Cypriot occupational forces. He must also place himself in the service of the occupational "government" in case of conscription or war.

At the same time all of the above is taking place, we have Hellenes in Cyprus and (the rest of) Hellas that have dreams of another "Davos" or imminent resolution! If 22 years is not enough time to awaken them and the Hellenic spirit, then maybe another 400 years of Mongoloid occupation might...

Where Korea Leads Hellas


While the Hellenic nation is in a deep narcosis with the "crumbs" handed down to it by the corrupt political establishment, other nations demand more of themselves and their elected representatives.

In an exclusive report presented in the Hellenic media only by the Hellenic Nationalist Page, information will be presented that links international weapons manufacturers with governments around the world!

According to Korean government and judicial documents presented by KBS News (of Korea), bribes of enormous proportions were made by F-16 manufacturers and subcontractors to Korean officials. One such document specifically implicates Aselsan of Turkey (an electronics sub-contractor for the F-16 Fighting Falcon).

The Korean judicial system does not bow under political pressure, and has taken steps to indict and implicate former presidents Roh Tae Woo and Kim Dae Jung. How does this action compare to the ones the Hellenic judicial system took?

After years of litigation, no information came forward (or became public) regarding the international multi-billion dollar enterprises that stole the bread and water of the Hellenic tax-payer. To this day, the Hellenic public does not know how much they paid for each Mirage 2000 (simple question, no?), because of a clause in the agreement with Dassault-Breguet of France that prevents the disclosure of that information.

Information such as the involvement of Turkish companies in the F-16 deal or the non-compliance of Lockheed/General Dynamics in the transfer of technologies to Hellas never seemed to bother much the two major political parties and our parliamentarians. The only issues on their agenda was mutual "amnesties" from prosecution for numerous and internationally embarrassing scandals.

It seems that the Korean government values the lives of the Hellenes (and others) that fought for the survival of their state. How do we as Hellenes value our dead? By turning this land they fought and died for into a "protectorate" of the US and EU, and a cesspool of political corruption?

Treason in the Aegean


Portion of map (ONC G-3) printed by the US Defence Mapping Agency. The extent of Athens FIR and the location of Imia are both clearly visible.

A more detailed map indicating the position of Imia islands.

The barbaric mongoloid "journalists" that planted the Turkish flag on Imia.

The coffin of one of the three Hellenic servicemen, who gave their lives for the protection of our nation and flag.

Turkish aggression reached a new high this week, as did the sell-out of the Hellenic nation. The fact that the Turkish side shows no respect for Hellenic sovereignty is not the shock in this situation. What is shocking is the stance of the Hellenic government which for years now has been ignoring repeated violations of Hellenic territorial airspace, waters, and lands (with the climax being the landing of Turkish troops on Imia).

Imia (or Limnia) was ceded to Italy in 1932, and to Hellas in 1947 with the Treaty of Paris, following the Second World War. Contesting the validity of the Italo-Turkish and Helleno-Italian agreements is nothing more than an excuse needed to set Turkish expansionist plans in motion.

But recognizing the ambitions of the Turkish state is only the first step. But even that first step, most politicians (politikantides) refuse to take! The recent "action" at Imia was not an isolated incident. It was but a progression in the long term plans of the Turks for domination in the Aegean.

But who can blame the Turks in this recent event? For the past two decades, the Turkish military has violated Hellenic airspace, territorial waters, lands in Evro and Cyprus, has murdered and/or "kidnapped" soldiers in Evro and Cyprus, and so forth. In all those hundreds if not thousands of incidents, how many times has the Hellenic side taken any serious measures to discourage Turkish aggression? When Turkish pilots violate Hellenic airspace, why doesn't the government allow our pilots to shoot the violators out of the sky? The US Navy had the audacity to shoot down an Iranian passenger jet over international airspace because it was "approaching" it, and yet we can't take similar action against fighter planes that over-fly our islands, or harass civilian aircraft. No, if the "poor" Turkish pilots happen to crash, we treat them like welcomed guests!

But let us not focus on the past. Let us pay attention to the most recent treason the Hellenic people are asked to accept. Following the early developments on Imia in which a Turkish helicopter removed the Hellenic flag and replaced it with a Turkish one, the government sent nothing short of an entire armada. Now, one wonders why the Hellenic government didn't simply ask for the extradition of the pilot and crew of that aircraft. Regardless of what Turkey might want to believe, ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) clearly indicates that Imia falls within Athens FIR (Flight Information Regulations). Thus, the helicopter that landed on Imia was in clear violation of international aeronautical laws (regardless of whether Turkey wants to call the island theirs or not).

But in an ignorant move with absolutely minimal or no military significance, the government (whether that means Simitis, Arsenis or Limperis), ordered the placement of troops on Imia (only one of the two islets), and sent an "armada" to the region. This move was clearly done to generate support for the new government more than anything else. The mission (of preventing Turkish troops/civilians from landing on Imia), could have easily been accomplished with just a couple of missile boats.

But how could the Turkish commandos land on Imia then? The fact remains that this "crisis" was not handled as a military one, rather as a political one. When first reports of the Turkish assault were made public, government spokesmen stated that "Hellenic ships intercepted the Turkish troops prior to reaching the island". Regardless of the lies they tried to present, the fact remains that Hellenic troops were ordered not to fire, unless fired upon. Following the eventual recognition by the government that Turkish troops did indeed land on Imia, the Chief of Staff Mr. Limperis (A/GEETHA) suggested that the removal of the 10 Turkish commandos would take more than 3 hours! This while an entire armada was around the island! According to Mr. Limperi, it was too dark for operations, and special bombs were needed. Now either Mr. Limperi is an ignorant individual, or he's a liar. I'd have to say yes to both.

The Hellenic troops on the second island were equipped with night surveillance and targeting equipment. They were in a position to recognize and attack the Turkish troops. The Hellenic Army also had Apache attack helicopters in the area, which have the equipment and weaponry to handle such a minor operation like the removal of those 10-12 Turkish commandos. The Navy as well was in a position to shell the island at a moments notice. As far as the Air Force, both the A-7 and F-16 are capable of night attack missions. And regarding the special bombs he was referring to, the Hellenic Air Force has an ample supply of cluster bombs (not that a conventional 500 lb. bomb wouldn't have done the job). The simple answer is that Hellenic troops witnessed the landing, and did nothing as ordered to.

One would wonder how Mr. Limperis obtained such a high ranking position in our armed forces. Well... the answer is simple. It is the Hellenic brand of "democracy". Following the last election in which PASOK replaced New Democracy, Mr. Papandreou forced into retirement the most high ranking officers of our armed forces, and replaced them with retired officers of his liking (without making military considerations like the fact that most were in retirement for decades). This of course in not a "new" practice, since previous administrations have done the same.

Following the "divine" intervention of the US, the Hellenic side announced the withdrawal of all troops from the region, and the removal of our flag from Imia (not to mention reports of a Hellenic "compromise" on the issues of the Aegean territorial extent, and the military status of Hellenic Aegean islands). In another attempt to appease America and the Turks (anyone but the Hellenic people), the government removed a Hellenic flag from Hellenic soil! And yet Mr. Simitis has the audacity to say that it is our "right" to do so, and that we did so because we could not "protect" the flag! If he honestly believes that our armed forces cannot protect a flag on one of our islands, then all the prime ministers, cabinet members, and parliamentarians of the past two decades should be rounded up and shot for treason. But that is far from the truth. In his desperate attempt to excuse his incompetence and treason, he is trying to present our forces as weak, and a war against Turkey as "unwinable".

Mr. Simitis also suggested that the only "options" that he had was either "peace" or "war". It seems that Mr. Simitis requires an education on limited military confrontations, as well as the use of military force as a deterrent to war. But suppose war did break out... was it not Pericles that said "Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it"?

But I think that the best quote that describes the current situation was once spoken by Demosthenes. In his infinite wisdom he said "Beware lest in your anxiety to avoid war, you obtain a master"!

CIA "Cleanses" Hellenic Minority in Northern Epirus


Portion from a map of ethnic minorities in Eastern Europe, as published by the US CIA.

If one thought that ethnic cleansing was accomplished with barbaric violent means (as was the case in 1923, 1955, 1974 etc.), then one should spend the time to focus and learn about the current situation Hellenes of Northern Epirus are living through.

After years of pressure from the European Union and the United States, the past two Hellenic administrations followed a policy of "approachment" towards the Albanian side. Of course, such an approachment would find a great stumbling block - the human rights violations against the Hellenes in Northern Epirus.

Northern Epirus (although still in foreign hands), was liberated twice this century alone by Hellenic forces. The existence of this huge Hellenic community (ranging in excess of well over 200,000), is now being disputed by the Albanian government, the CIA, and even the Hellenic government!

As far as the Albanian government is concerned, their actions surprise no-one. Their dreams of a "Greater Albania", which would include areas of Vardaria ("FYROM") and Kossovo, would be greatly faltered if they faced insurrections or ethnic tensions in the south.

The Hellenic government instead of protecting the ethnic Hellenes currently in Albania, it has turned a blind eye to their hardships and suffering. Instead of aiding their fight for more rights and even autonomy, it has aided the Albanian government in arresting and detaining dissidents of that oppressive system.

In an interesting development, the Hellenic Nationalist Page has discovered publications and images by US government agencies (CIA), that are aiding in the elimination of the Hellenes of Northern Epirus.

On the CIA's server, and under the Albanian country report for 1993, one can see an 8% Greek minority under ethnic divisions. Under the same report but for 1995, the Greek minority is listed as constituting only 3% of the population!

If the information presented by the CIA is in fact true, where did that 5% of Albania's population go? We are talking about a mass "migration" (ethnic cleansing) of about 170,000 people!

The CIA report also makes note that 20% of Albania's population follows the Greek Orthodox faith (both in 1993 and 1995). If 5% of the Albanian population (ethnic Hellenes) "disappeared", and going under the assumption that the vast majority of the Hellenes are Orthodox, how come the percent of Orthodox believers didn't change? Did 170,000 Muslim, catholic, and atheist ethnic Albanians convert?

But no, the answer is quite simple. In both reports (as well as the one for 1992), under ethnic divisions it clearly states that it is an estimate made in 1989. Do 1989 estimates change every few years? Or is it that the US government (just like the Albanian and Hellenic) are trying to make the Hellenic minority "disappear"?

Another interesting document discovered was a "detailed" map of the ethnic groups in Eastern Europe. As one can see from the section of the map included in this report, the Hellenic minority is but a "small" one; one comparable to the Turkish minority in FYROM!! We are not making this up people! The maps are there for you to see with your own eyes.

An interesting point in the map is that in which the CIA takes the time to note that Vardaria is called FYROM (marking it with an asterisk), while at the same time calling the ethnic group that lives in the country Macedonians (no Slav or any such junk preceding it). As reported last year by the Hellenic Nationalist Page, even US President Clinton recognizes a "Macedonian" nation (of people). But I'm sure the Hellenic government has an excuse for that as well...

What a shame and what hypocrisy. When a Hellenic pilot flies a crop-duster over Northern Epirus to focus some public attention on the oppressed Hellenes there, he is treated like a criminal. When a Turk violates our FIR, our air space, our territorial waters, over-flies one of our islands, and then crashes in our sea, we treat him like a welcomed diplomat! These are the people that govern us.

Frost & Sullivan Predict "Dictatorship"

The international marketing consulting company, Frost & Sullivan, just recently published its predictions for the political and economic future that Hellas will most likely face in the next five years.

According to the report, Hellenes have grown to distrust most of the politicians; and recent actions (or better yet - inaction's) have re-enforced that belief.

According to Frost & Sullivan, there is a 50% possibility that the next party to rule Hellas will be the New Democracy party (ND). But following at a close second is the Panhellenic Socialist Party (PASOK) with a 40% probability.

The fact that one of these two parties will rule over the Hellenic people is of no big surprise. What people should take note of is the 10% probability of a military lead coup to overthrow the government (according to the Frost & Sullivan report). Of course the report refers to this as a "junta" or a "dictatorship", but one must look deeper into this (possible) situation.

What the Hellenic people are calling for is a true reformist revolution. And if the leading two parties continue with their present policies, such a revolution will take place with the willing support of our armed forces.

This page nor its authors support any movement or government that does not follow the wishes and beliefs of its people. What we call for is for the current leaders and Parliamentarians to implement the changes required (by the people) so as to make a coup of any kind unnecessary.


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