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Frost & Sullivan Predict "Dictatorship"

The international marketing consulting company, Frost & Sullivan, just recently published its predictions for the political and economic future that Hellas will most likely face in the next five years.

According to the report, Hellenes have grown to distrust most of the politicians; and recent actions (or better yet - inaction's) have re-enforced that belief.

According to Frost & Sullivan, there is a 50% possibility that the next party to rule Hellas will be the New Democracy party (ND). But following at a close second is the Panhellenic Socialist Party (PASOK) with a 40% probability.

The fact that one of these two parties will rule over the Hellenic people is of no big surprise. What people should take note of is the 10% probability of a military lead coup to overthrow the government (according to the Frost & Sullivan report). Of course the report refers to this as a "junta" or a "dictatorship", but one must look deeper into this (possible) situation.

What the Hellenic people are calling for is a true reformist revolution. And if the leading two parties continue with their present policies, such a revolution will take place with the willing support of our armed forces.

This page nor its authors support any movement or government that does not follow the wishes and beliefs of its people. What we call for is for the current leaders and Parliamentarians to implement the changes required (by the people) so as to make a coup of any kind unnecessary.



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