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Treason in the Aegean

Portion of map (ONC G-3) printed by the US Defence Mapping Agency. The extent of Athens FIR and the location of Imia are both clearly visible.

A more detailed map indicating the position of Imia islands.

The barbaric mongoloid "journalists" that planted the Turkish flag on Imia.

The coffin of one of the three Hellenic servicemen, who gave their lives for the protection of our nation and flag.

Turkish aggression reached a new high this week, as did the sell-out of the Hellenic nation. The fact that the Turkish side shows no respect for Hellenic sovereignty is not the shock in this situation. What is shocking is the stance of the Hellenic government which for years now has been ignoring repeated violations of Hellenic territorial airspace, waters, and lands (with the climax being the landing of Turkish troops on Imia).

Imia (or Limnia) was ceded to Italy in 1932, and to Hellas in 1947 with the Treaty of Paris, following the Second World War. Contesting the validity of the Italo-Turkish and Helleno-Italian agreements is nothing more than an excuse needed to set Turkish expansionist plans in motion.

But recognizing the ambitions of the Turkish state is only the first step. But even that first step, most politicians (politikantides) refuse to take! The recent "action" at Imia was not an isolated incident. It was but a progression in the long term plans of the Turks for domination in the Aegean.

But who can blame the Turks in this recent event? For the past two decades, the Turkish military has violated Hellenic airspace, territorial waters, lands in Evro and Cyprus, has murdered and/or "kidnapped" soldiers in Evro and Cyprus, and so forth. In all those hundreds if not thousands of incidents, how many times has the Hellenic side taken any serious measures to discourage Turkish aggression? When Turkish pilots violate Hellenic airspace, why doesn't the government allow our pilots to shoot the violators out of the sky? The US Navy had the audacity to shoot down an Iranian passenger jet over international airspace because it was "approaching" it, and yet we can't take similar action against fighter planes that over-fly our islands, or harass civilian aircraft. No, if the "poor" Turkish pilots happen to crash, we treat them like welcomed guests!

But let us not focus on the past. Let us pay attention to the most recent treason the Hellenic people are asked to accept. Following the early developments on Imia in which a Turkish helicopter removed the Hellenic flag and replaced it with a Turkish one, the government sent nothing short of an entire armada. Now, one wonders why the Hellenic government didn't simply ask for the extradition of the pilot and crew of that aircraft. Regardless of what Turkey might want to believe, ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) clearly indicates that Imia falls within Athens FIR (Flight Information Regulations). Thus, the helicopter that landed on Imia was in clear violation of international aeronautical laws (regardless of whether Turkey wants to call the island theirs or not).

But in an ignorant move with absolutely minimal or no military significance, the government (whether that means Simitis, Arsenis or Limperis), ordered the placement of troops on Imia (only one of the two islets), and sent an "armada" to the region. This move was clearly done to generate support for the new government more than anything else. The mission (of preventing Turkish troops/civilians from landing on Imia), could have easily been accomplished with just a couple of missile boats.

But how could the Turkish commandos land on Imia then? The fact remains that this "crisis" was not handled as a military one, rather as a political one. When first reports of the Turkish assault were made public, government spokesmen stated that "Hellenic ships intercepted the Turkish troops prior to reaching the island". Regardless of the lies they tried to present, the fact remains that Hellenic troops were ordered not to fire, unless fired upon. Following the eventual recognition by the government that Turkish troops did indeed land on Imia, the Chief of Staff Mr. Limperis (A/GEETHA) suggested that the removal of the 10 Turkish commandos would take more than 3 hours! This while an entire armada was around the island! According to Mr. Limperi, it was too dark for operations, and special bombs were needed. Now either Mr. Limperi is an ignorant individual, or he's a liar. I'd have to say yes to both.

The Hellenic troops on the second island were equipped with night surveillance and targeting equipment. They were in a position to recognize and attack the Turkish troops. The Hellenic Army also had Apache attack helicopters in the area, which have the equipment and weaponry to handle such a minor operation like the removal of those 10-12 Turkish commandos. The Navy as well was in a position to shell the island at a moments notice. As far as the Air Force, both the A-7 and F-16 are capable of night attack missions. And regarding the special bombs he was referring to, the Hellenic Air Force has an ample supply of cluster bombs (not that a conventional 500 lb. bomb wouldn't have done the job). The simple answer is that Hellenic troops witnessed the landing, and did nothing as ordered to.

One would wonder how Mr. Limperis obtained such a high ranking position in our armed forces. Well... the answer is simple. It is the Hellenic brand of "democracy". Following the last election in which PASOK replaced New Democracy, Mr. Papandreou forced into retirement the most high ranking officers of our armed forces, and replaced them with retired officers of his liking (without making military considerations like the fact that most were in retirement for decades). This of course in not a "new" practice, since previous administrations have done the same.

Following the "divine" intervention of the US, the Hellenic side announced the withdrawal of all troops from the region, and the removal of our flag from Imia (not to mention reports of a Hellenic "compromise" on the issues of the Aegean territorial extent, and the military status of Hellenic Aegean islands). In another attempt to appease America and the Turks (anyone but the Hellenic people), the government removed a Hellenic flag from Hellenic soil! And yet Mr. Simitis has the audacity to say that it is our "right" to do so, and that we did so because we could not "protect" the flag! If he honestly believes that our armed forces cannot protect a flag on one of our islands, then all the prime ministers, cabinet members, and parliamentarians of the past two decades should be rounded up and shot for treason. But that is far from the truth. In his desperate attempt to excuse his incompetence and treason, he is trying to present our forces as weak, and a war against Turkey as "unwinable".

Mr. Simitis also suggested that the only "options" that he had was either "peace" or "war". It seems that Mr. Simitis requires an education on limited military confrontations, as well as the use of military force as a deterrent to war. But suppose war did break out... was it not Pericles that said "Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it"?

But I think that the best quote that describes the current situation was once spoken by Demosthenes. In his infinite wisdom he said "Beware lest in your anxiety to avoid war, you obtain a master"!



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