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Where Korea Leads Hellas

While the Hellenic nation is in a deep narcosis with the "crumbs" handed down to it by the corrupt political establishment, other nations demand more of themselves and their elected representatives.

In an exclusive report presented in the Hellenic media only by the Hellenic Nationalist Page, information will be presented that links international weapons manufacturers with governments around the world!

According to Korean government and judicial documents presented by KBS News (of Korea), bribes of enormous proportions were made by F-16 manufacturers and subcontractors to Korean officials. One such document specifically implicates Aselsan of Turkey (an electronics sub-contractor for the F-16 Fighting Falcon).

The Korean judicial system does not bow under political pressure, and has taken steps to indict and implicate former presidents Roh Tae Woo and Kim Dae Jung. How does this action compare to the ones the Hellenic judicial system took?

After years of litigation, no information came forward (or became public) regarding the international multi-billion dollar enterprises that stole the bread and water of the Hellenic tax-payer. To this day, the Hellenic public does not know how much they paid for each Mirage 2000 (simple question, no?), because of a clause in the agreement with Dassault-Breguet of France that prevents the disclosure of that information.

Information such as the involvement of Turkish companies in the F-16 deal or the non-compliance of Lockheed/General Dynamics in the transfer of technologies to Hellas never seemed to bother much the two major political parties and our parliamentarians. The only issues on their agenda was mutual "amnesties" from prosecution for numerous and internationally embarrassing scandals.

It seems that the Korean government values the lives of the Hellenes (and others) that fought for the survival of their state. How do we as Hellenes value our dead? By turning this land they fought and died for into a "protectorate" of the US and EU, and a cesspool of political corruption?



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