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Turks of Bulgaria Join Attila

Portion of US CIA map indicating the areas of Bulgaria (marked in brown) in which Turks constitute the majority of the population.

According to a report by Bulgaria's largest newspaper, 24 Hours, there are approximately 2,000 Turks from Bulgaria who are currently serving in the ranks of the Turk-Cypriot occupational forces.

Due to the mass exodus of Turk-Cypriots from the economically devastated and politically oppressive occupied "North", the Denktas "government" has taken measures to assure the demographic survival of the Turkish element on the island of Cyprus.

For years now reports by Turkish and international press agencies and government bodies have supplied evidence of the mass migration of "mainland" Turks to the island, and the mass emigration of the local Turkish element.

According to published estimates, about 75,000 to 85,000 "mainland" Turks have moved to the occupied territories, to supplement the departure of the Turk-Cypriot population.

What the recent 24 Hours report shines light on is the "benefits" the Denktas regime is using to lure Turks to the occupied territories, as well as the "requirements" it has of these individuals.

Some of the benefits outlined in the report include employment and monetary compensation, citizenship and passports that allow migration to Turkey, as well as "aiding" in attempts to obtain working visas for European (EU) nations like Britain and Germany. It should be noted that all paperwork and "visas" obtained in the occupied territories are considered valid and legal in Turkey and all her embassies and consulates abroad.

If a Turk from Bulgaria is to accept such an "agreement", he is expected to serve at least four times a year in the Turk-Cypriot occupational forces. He must also place himself in the service of the occupational "government" in case of conscription or war.

At the same time all of the above is taking place, we have Hellenes in Cyprus and (the rest of) Hellas that have dreams of another "Davos" or imminent resolution! If 22 years is not enough time to awaken them and the Hellenic spirit, then maybe another 400 years of Mongoloid occupation might...



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