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Turkey Threatens International Press Agencies

Publications around the world presented the barbaric actions of the Turkish state, as shown above.

Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Onur Oyman has announced that the Turkish government will take legal action against press institutions, like CBS for "deliberately smearing Turkey." Oyman's statement, which was delivered at a January 16th press conference in Ankara, follows the broadcast of a segment on the CBS news show, 60 Minutes, calling attention to the ongoing human rights violations against the Kurdish minority in Turkey. CBS stated that it stands by its report.

Turkish Foreign Ministry officials have also announced their intention to sue two European newspapers, The European and the Scottish paper, Daily Record, for "attempting to defame Turkey" in reports about Turkey's military campaign against the Kurds and allegations of drug trading by Turkish diplomats. The European, in particular, has come under heavy attack from the Turkish government for publishing photos of Turkish soldiers holding up, in triumph, the decapitated heads of two Kurds.

It should be noted that on Sunday March 3rd, CBS made a public apology during the broadcast of the show "60 Minutes", because they presented a Turkish flag with a scull in the foreground (during the initial airing of the segment on Turkish genocide against the Kurds). I suppose that for CBS, a "graphic" presented on national television is more "offensive" than the fact that almost 20,000 Kurds have been murdered by Turkish military and paramilitary troops.



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