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Spies Roam Free in the Aegean

In perhaps another blow by our "friends" and "allies", two spies from Italy and the Netherlands were caught and expelled from Hellas this month.

The Hellenic government on Friday March 1st, requested Italy and the Netherlands recall their military attaches in Athens, after the two diplomats were caught collecting military-related information on the east Aegean island of Lesvos three days before the Imia islet crisis.

According to the Hellenic government, the two spies had "diplomatic immunity", and could not be prosecuted!

The Italian defense ministry said in a statement Saturday that it had given its attache in Athens, Colonel Mario Volpicelli, a "period of leave in Italy." The statement continued stating that "Volpicelli's conduct has always been in line with the existing relations between a friendly and allied country like Greece," it said, adding that it was "deeply surprised by the blown-up episode."!

Dutch Foreign Minister Hans van Mierlo called the incident a "small storm in a large teacup." In any case, the Dutch "diplomat" involved has been recalled to the Netherlands on leave.

The inaction and cover-up by the Hellenic government is yet another indication of who is in charge in Hellas.



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