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President Stephanopoulos Ignores the Elimination of Hellenic Minority

As reported many times by the Hellenic Nationalist Page, there is a systematic attempt by numerous governments (including the Hellenic one), to "eliminate" the Hellenic population of Northern Epirus, reduce their numbers, and/or ignore the hardships they endure by the Albanian authorities.

While the evidence is clearly there, it doesn't seem to affect Mr. Stephanopoulos delusions that relations between Hellas and Albania are "resolved". President Stephanopoulos went to the extreme of actually visiting Albania this week, even though at that same time, Hellenic schools at Dropoli and Fastrani were being set ablaze by Albanian "unknowns"!

Mr. Stephanopoulos was ready to make so many concessions to the Albanians, that he was even allowed to address the entire Albanian parliament. And there was a good reason for the Albanians to let him do so. According to a report by the Albanian radio on Wednesday March 13th, officials in Tirana hope to sign an agreement on legalizing the illegal Albanian emigrants working in Greece! Referring to a recent Albanian decision to lift visas for Greek citizens, Engjell Dakli, Minister of Labor and Immigration, urged Greece to reciprocate, at least for the Albanian "businessmen".

But the reaction of Hellenic Patriots around the world was an indication of what Hellas and Hellenism means to us, and the extent to which we will go to protect them. Following the calls of Konitsa's Metropolitan Andreas, Hellenic organizations around the world condemned the visit of Mr. Stephanopoulos to Tirana. But, as expected, the last people the Hellenic government would listen to is the people they are supposed to represent.



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