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Hellas Signs Away Rights of Northern Epirot Hellenes

One of the many maps circulated by Albanians, showing the extent of the "Albanian" populated areas. This map was presented on this page last year.

In a signing ceremony that took place on March 21st 1996, the Hellenic government signed an agreement with the Albanian government that documents the treason perpetrated upon Hellenism.

One of the key areas of concern is the "legalization" of an Albanian "community" within Hellas. The current administration has taken steps to legalize the more than 300,000 illegal Albanian refugees, and to provide them with the social "safety net" reserved for our own citizens (which is lacking to begin with).

Other than the social services that the Albanians will enjoy off the sweat and suffering of the Hellenic nation, they will also be allowed to open "cultural" centers and schools. At the present time, 2 Albanian schools already operate in Athens.

As one can read from Article 15 of the Hellenic-Albanian Agreement , the two sides must remove "all barriers" which prevent the "enjoyment of personal property" in the neighboring state. This is yet another confirmation of what we have been saying about the Albanian attempts of creating an "Arvanite" minority in Hellas, and the inability of "our" government to do anything decisive to stop Albanian propaganda and expansionism.

Although the agreement was hailed by some as a "victory" for the Hellenic community of Northern Epirus, one need only take a closer look at the agreement to discover the truth. Hellenic schools will be allowed in only 99 villages in Northern Epirus. Of those, if enrollment drops below 32 pupils for any one year, the schools will be closed.

One can clearly see that the solution for our oppressed Hellenic brothers of Northern Epirus is one. Autonomy and eventual union with our Mother Patrida.



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