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Jews Crucify Jesus for yet a Second Time

The cover of U.S. magazine Time. Similar front covers appeared in numerous other publications.

Just a week before Orthodox Christians around the world were to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ, the Jewish controlled media began its ruthless propaganda war against Christianity.

In a move that surprised many, the major news services, papers, magazines, television stations and other media around the world presented a "debate" as to the validity of the resurrection of Christ. Most of the stories discussed the new "proof" against the Biblical description, as well as the opinions (which were reported as being Christian fact) of heretics and skeptics.

As expected, the origin of this attack against Christianity was non other than Israel. According to the Israeli "archeologist" Joe Zias, Christ was not resurrected, but rather "was buried with his mother Mary and Joseph in one tomb." He explains his position by indicating that a family tomb was found in Jerusalem bearing their names, and that this has never happened in the past!

Adding to the above blasphemous statements are the "professors" who compromise the "Jesus Seminar", which met in the Flamingo Resort Hotel Ballroom in Santa Rosa, California, late last year. According to these "scholars", Judas was not alone in the betrayal of Jesus, and that other Apostles helped him.

We should make note here of what kind of "scholars" these members of the "Jesus Seminar" really are. One member (Paul Verhoeven), is a director of such pornographic material as was the movie "Showgirls". The rest have similar "scholarly" achievements.

If a Christian were to say anything against the Jews or their faith (any time of the year), they would be labeled "racist" and "anti-Semitic" by the media they so love to control. When they make such blatantly blasphemous comments about our Savior, we accept it and even start a "dialogue" about the "validity" of such remarks.



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