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Zionists and Mongols - Butchers of Hellenism

Pictures of the suffering imposed upon the innocent civilians of Lebanon.

In a move that surprised many of our ovine "leaders", the states of Israel and Turkey signed a military "cooperation" agreement this past February. As we see it here, it is a logical move by two of the biggest terrorist states on the face of the earth.

This agreement will allow the Israeli air force to use Turkey's airspace and military bases for the "training" its combat pilots. It should be noted that Israel's IAI (Israeli Aircraft Industries) is upgrading 54 Turkish Air Force F-4E Phantom II's to the Phantom 2000 level, and also providing Turkey with advanced missile systems.

Confirming the deal, Defense Minister Oltan Sungurlu said the facility had been recognized to the Jewish state "in view of its limited airspace" . He also went on to say that Athens' reported military cooperation agreement with Syria was against the alliance solidarity within NATO and that it had to be debated at the relevant forum.

But not a few months went by, and the terrorist Jewish state showed the world the true nature of this agreement. Following the heinous attacks against civilian targets in southern Lebanon, Turkish news agencies reported that Jewish planes attacked "PKK training centers" established by the Syrian government.

The fact that these two butchering and terrorist states are ready to do the dirty deeds of the other was also evident by the Israeli Air Force's numerous violations of Nicosia FIR, in conjunction with the Turkish violations of Cyprus' national airspace.

According to the Mr. Taki Hadzidimitriou, President of the Cypriot Parliamentary Committee on Defense, "violations of Nicosia FIR by Israeli fighter aircraft is more common than are the violations by Turkish aircraft"!

Isn't it hypocritical for a people who say that they will "never forget", to ally themselves with a state who is directly responsible for the murder of 20,000 Kurds in just the past decade (not to mention the millions of Hellenes, Armenians, Arabs, etc. in its not so distant past)?

What is there left to say about our other "allies", who so value international "law". Was it not the United States that started bombing Serbian targets after the "market blast" (which was never proven to be the result of Serbian actions)? Where are they today when Israeli aircraft and guns destroy UN camps and civilian targets, taking along with them the lives of hundreds of innocent men, women, and children?

Don't allow our "friends" or the myth of "international law" fool you. The only way to protect Hellenism is to behead the serpents that stand in the way of our glory. Victory will be ours because we will achieve it alone, just like we have done so in the past!



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