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U.S. Congress Probes Human Rights in Liberated Thrace

The cover of one of the many books in circulation in Turkey (and Western Thrace), that call for the creation of an Islamic Turkish state in our liberated Thrace.

On April 25, a United States Congress sub-committee held hearings concerning human rights practices in Western Thrace. Although Hellenic and American politicians, who so love the political - monetary - contributions and votes of Hellenes, rushed to prove the "informality" of such proceedings, serious actions by the Hellenic and Turkish governments proved otherwise. As did the fact that a total of 15 House Representatives and Senators took part in the proceedings.

On Capitol Hill, "representatives" of the Muslim minority wasted no time when they tried presenting the economic hardships of the region as racist practices against the "Turkish" minority. At the same time, puppets of the Turkish military regime spread their propaganda in liberated Thrace about the "upcoming revolution", and the fact that the "West" recognized their "just" struggle.

The fact that the Muslim minority (which is composed of Turkic, Pomac, and Romanic ethnic groups) has increased in size from about 85,000 to 120,000 , is ignored. Just as ignored as the fact that the Hellenic population of Turkey (in the same period of time) shrank from about 500,000 people, to a minuscule population of about 3,000 (who are mostly elderly).

The Hellenic government, instead of taking the initiative and demanding equal rights for the Hellenes of occupied Eastern Thrace, Constantinople, Imbro, Tenedo, Asia Minor, and Cyprus, it sent the Prime Minister and his "following" to the region to put up a "show" for their American and European masters.

At the same time, the Turkish government grabbed the opportunity to once again make claims against Hellas and Western Thrace. Following the ceremonies and "titles" given to the widow of Ahmet Sadik (as leader of the "Islamic State of Western Thrace"), and the countless books and pamphlets about independence in the region, we now have to contend with the "legalization" the Congressional hearing provided to the above expansionist actions.

Following the Imia crisis, one would imagine that "our" politicians and "allies" would have gained a little bit of wisdom out of that event. All we see as Hellenic patriots is an attack on every front, and no real counter action and defense by "our" incompetent politicians.



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