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Why British Beef is Worth More than Macedonia, Thrace, Cyprus, and the Aegean Combined...

British Prime Minister John Major, who took the appropriate actions to defend the interests of his nation.

Two months after the European Union's decision to place a ban on British beef, the British government took active steps to lift the ban. The decision by itself is not that newsworthy, but the method with which they plan on forcing the lifting of the ban is.

British Prime Minister John Major, announced that Britain will bring every single EU action, decision, and legislation to a crawl, by not voting on issues that require an unanimous member state vote. Again, this decision by the British Prime Minister does not affect the Hellenic nation to any great extent, but one should compare that decision to Hellenic ones on vital national interests.

When Hellas had an "embargo" in place against FYROM (we all know about the "loopholes" intentionally created by the government), "our" politicians constantly talked about "pressure" the EU was placing upon us (for the embargo's lifting). The end outcome of these actions is well known.

When Turkey made claims against Thrace, the Aegean, and more than 3,000 of our islands, our "partners" not only ignored our positions, but often sided with the Turkish side. An option at that time could have been to paralyze the EU (much like Major plans to do), until the other member states agreed on the terms set by Hellas for any further dealings with the Turkish state.

Instead of paralyzing the EU, all these puppets, who call themselves "leaders", could do was to veto EU funds to Turkey. And even that attempt seems to be failing, since many EU members are threatening reprisals against possible Cypriot membership.

Now if the above national issues are less important than British beef and the so-called "mad cow decease" (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), than I would love to hear "our" politicians debate or explain that to a national audience. Our Nation is above all, and if that means the destruction of the imperialist EU and its privileged states, than so be it.



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