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The home page of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located at http://www.mfa.gr

As we had reported last year, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs was the only Turkish government body that had established a web server on the internet. We also went on to report on the propaganda presented there, and the absence of presence of any Hellenic site(s) that answered those preposterous claims (which is what lead to the creation of this site).

Following this period of technological narcosis, the Hellenic government went on to create servers for many of its ministries. One of these ministries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was supposed to present the Hellenic viewpoint on many of the issues that affect our nation, region, and/or world.

While Turkish sites are referring to liberated Hellenic cities and regions by their occupational names, Hellenic servers (and politicians) stood in silence. Hellenic names like Xanthi and Komotini were soon replaced by mongoloid names like "Iskece" and "Gumulcine", and the world became witness to the "suffering" of the "Turkish" minority in liberated Western Thrace.

The world also went on to read or listen to the humiliating remarks of European, American, and Turkish politicians, with regard to Hellenic actions and policies. "It is true that early civilization passed from Greece to the West thousands of years ago." Cried former Turkish Prime Minister and now Minister of Foreign Affairs Deniz Baykal, "We just wish they kept some for themselves."

While the Turkish ministry was guided by a man with obvious intents, the Hellenic ministry was guided by an individual who publicly calls our Armed Forces "incompetent"! This same individual, Mr. Pangalos, has also publicly stated that only possible outcome of a war with Turkey would be defeat. Supposing that what Mr. Pangalos is even in part correct, one would ask what action he or this administration is taking to correct such a situation. Not a week has passed by since the highest officials of our armed forces threatened resignation.

But the defeatist mentality is not one that plagues only Mr. Pangalos. The entire government and most of "our" politicians share this mental illness, and try their best to perpetuate it to the public. That is what one would conclude when they access the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs server, and see Constantinople being referred to as only "Istanbul".

Following a letter sent to the webmaster at the ministry, Hellenic Nationalist Page editor Mr. Dionysios Pilarinos received the following response:

From mfa@mfa.gr Thu May 16 08:21:08 1996
Date: Mon, 6 May 1996 07:32:48 -0400
From: mfa 
To: Dionysios Pilarinos 
Subject: Re: The use of the word "Istanbul".

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We appreciate your remarks (but not the unnecessary threats) regarding the
use of the word Istanbul. You will notice that we change it. If you notice
something else contact us.

At 10:17  3/5/1996 -0700, you wrote:
>I just read a few of your pages and was shocked to learn that you use the
>name "Istanbul" when referring to Constantinople. If this is not yet 
>another action to appease the Turkish state, then I don't know what is.
>I expect you to either correct your error, or provide me with an 
>explanation. I do intend to use the mass media to focus attention on this 
>issue if it is not rectified.
>Dionysios Pilarinos
>Hellenic Nationalist Page: http://www.hellas.org

Although the ministry promptly changed every reference to "Istanbul", it replaced it with the name "Istanbul" (in parenthesis) next to the rightful name of Constantinople. This occurs in every reference to Constantinople, and not just once (as would be appropriate) at the beginning of each document.

The future of our Nation is in your hands. Don't let their pessimist attitudes and defeatist mentality forge a future you know does not suit its nature and proud history.



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