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It is with the deepest regrets that the editor of this page is informing you, our readers, of the reasons that prevented the reporting of news events during parts of 1996 and just about all of 1997.

During this time period, Mr. Dionysios Pilarinos was serving in the Hellenic Armed Forces, and thus unable to monitor the progress made to the Hellenic Nationalist Page. For this, he truly apologizes.

In the time period that has elapsed since his discharge from the military, steps have been taken to improve upon the information presented by the Hellenic Nationalist Page. The editor of our page is cooperating with various news organizations for the betterment of Hellenic patriotic causes, and the improved communication between individuals and organizations fighting for the causes of Hellas and Hellenism.

In this spirit, assistance was granted to Mr. Kapsalis for the creation of Stoxos newspaper's web site, located at www.stoxos.com . This new page is written in Hellenic text, and will be updated weekly to reflect the topics and issues that are covered by the newspaper.

We hope that the future will only bring greatness to our Nation, and we hope to be there to report it.

With Patriotic Salutations,

Hellenic Nationalist Page

New Pogroms Against the Remaining Hellenes of Occupied Asia Minor and Thrace

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A vandalized Imbriot church from one of the numerous attacks.

An Imbriot woman awaiting the day she can raise her Nation's flag.

On the night of December the 2nd, a grenade ripped through the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople injuring Father Nektarios Nikolou. This is the third such attack in recent years, following the ones in 1994 and 1996.

Once again, the Hellenic government stood in virtual silence, since the blame once again fell (by both Ankara and Athens) on the "Grey Wolves" and the "radical Islamists". This is the standard method with which both governments avoid responsibility. One - the Hellenic - from taking actions to protect the Hellenes in (what is currently) Turkey. And the other - Ankara - from being publicly condemned for state-sponsored terrorism.

The only action left for the Hellenic government is to call for the creation of an independent city-state in the Fanari section of Constantinople, much like the Vatican is in Rome. The Church should also be granted the right to select any candidate as Patriarch. Currently, only Turkish citizens are allowed to obtain that post (something close to impossible with the dwindling Hellenic population there).

Can a Roman Catholic imagine the Italian government refusing to allow a non-Italian to be named Pope? How then can the Hellenic government and the Orthodox people of the world allow such a situation to exist?

At the same time these events were transpiring in Constantinople, acts of terror were taking place on the island if Imbros. The Church of Theotokou located on the southern part of the island, between Kefalou and Shinoudiou coast, was vandalized and set ablaze. This church was rebuilt just a year ago with funds raised by the diaspora of the island population.

As always, the "unknown" culprits remain free to terrorize the remaining Hellenes of the island. It is the responsibility of the Hellenic government to call for the autonomy of Imbros and Tenedos islands, as stated by the Lausanne Treaty. Anything less than autonomy is not acceptable to the Hellenic Nation.

Even the Albanians are Laughing at "Our" Politicians!

On December 12th, the Hellenic government made an announcement once again showing the world what kind of "humanitarian" agenda it promotes. Even though the Albanian authorities continue to harass and intimidate Hellenes of Northern Epirus, "our" politicians have seen fit to aid in the arming of the Albanian military!

Not only have the Hellenic Armed Forces been ordered to assist their Albanian counterparts, they have also been ordered to pay for these projects out of their own budget! The Hellenic Navy is paying for the repair of four Aloutte- type helicopters (similar to the ones it operates), which is being conducted in Hellas. The Navy has also dispatched the vessel "Karavoyiannos" to repair and service the lighthouses operating in Albania.

The Hellenic Navy will also aid in the effort to restructure the Albanian Navy, with three Albanian torpedo boats and two patrol boats being launched.

Likewise, the Hellenic Department of Defense has just unveiled a new military hospital in Tirana, built and equiped with funds allocated for the defense of our country.

When we reported some time ago about the efforts of the US and our EU allies to arm Albania and Turkey, we were hoping that the Hellenic government would react. This was not the reaction we were anticipating. When we cut back on services and pay for our enlisted men, and when we still use antiquated systems, how do these politicians justify such expenditures?

These are the men and women that are "leading" Hellas today. Take your place in the movement that will depose them.

New Zionist Attack Against Hellenism

It seems that regardless of what the Jews have done in the past against the Hellenes, we (or better yet "our" politicians and "cultural elite") tend to forgive them. And I need not make references to the aid the Jews provided the Ottomans to conquer Byzantium, and then to keep the Hellenes enslaved for more than four centuries (while they prospered in Hellenic urban centers like Thessaloniki).

The efforts of these people to promote the notion that the Jews are the only (or at least the most victimized) victim in history is in full swing. Other than the costly statues that we build to commemorate their "efforts" as "equal Hellenes" (like the one unveiled in Thessaloniki), we are also promoting Zionist propaganda with regards to the "Holocaust", that they are the "chosen people", and that their state (of Israel) is something we should try to mimic and make alliance with.

Our educated readers of course are aware of the billions of dollars that Israel receives each year from the United States. Much like they are aware that Hellas lost some 800,000 people during World War Two, took documented action against the Axis powers, and can also document our loses in human lives (not some imaginary "6 million" figure).

But even when our "leaders" bow down to their masters, the Jews don't hesitate to remind us of what they think of us "gentiles". On December 16th, a full page ad (page 47) was taken out on the New York Post, paid for by the Jewish Post of New York and Talkline Communication Services. Occasion for this advertisement was the Jewish celebration of "Chanukah" or "Festival of Lights".

Parts of the ad follow:

" WHY CELEBRATE Why a celebration while still under foreign rule? Because Israel knew what the goal of the second Temple era was the kingdom of Torah and the commandments - and the kindling of small Menorah that could banish the darkness of Greek culture. When that happened, it was time to celebrate; ... Merely being alive on the 25th of Kislev (Jewish Calendar) is not enough; one must see the flame and remember what it represents, and know that we are grateful for the triumph of Torah's light over Greece's darkness."

And yet, to some, I would be considered the "anti-Semite" since the Jews are "incapable" of racism. Their response is already ready since they are not responsible for the "rouge" Jews amongst them. They would also fail to mention to you, our educated reader, that the New York Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a Jew that controls numerous media outlets throughout the world.

It is up to each and every Hellene to defend his or her Nation. Do not be a racist, do not be close minded. But cut the head off of every enemy to the nation, regardless of what "they" might label you. Above all is the Nation.

Listed below is information if you so wish to contact the persons responsible for placing the ad.

                    THE JEWISH POST OF NEW YORK
                    130 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001
                    Tel:(212)967-7313, Henry Levi, Publisher

                    P.O.Box 20108, Park West Station, NY 10025
                    Tel:(212)769-1925  Zen Brenner, President

Why Don't They Just Put Up a "For Sale" Sign?

Perhaps the above would solve all of "our" politicians problems, so they can then focus their full attention at sucking the blood out of the nation. In perhaps a new low for them (one wonders if they will ever hit bottom), our political "leaders" signed away Hellas' right to administer and control the airspace over the Aegean.

Now that Mr. Papandreou is dead (not the new one, and not the old-old one), and being the "bad boy" of Europe does not pay off for domestic consumption, we have reversed roles and are the "yes boys" of Europe! This is how the Simitis government creates the illusion that we are a European nation, marching in the right direction.

For almost 25 years, Hellenic governments have refused to allow the creation of an Air Force Strategic Command Center in Larisa for NATO, on the basis that the area of administration and control must first be defined. Turkey on the other hand vetoed attempts to establish such a Command Center, because she wanted control of the Aegean to be given to the Smyrna NATO Command Center.

And for 25 years the situation was to our advantage! Unlike the myths that politicians sell the public that this was an issue that "had to be resolved", I am here to state the opposite. The issue had to be resolved as far as NATO is concerned. Hellas had the benefit of controlling her airspace, and not having foreign troops monitoring the activity over her skies.

The problem that Hellas was (is) facing during NATO exercises in the region, was the non-recognition of the 10nm national airspace. That problem can only be resolved with the extension of our territorial sea to 10 or better yet 12nm (along with the national airspace), as allowed by international treaties (Law of Sea). With this new agreement, NATO does not even recognize 6nm of national airspace! During a "crisis" (or NATO exercise), planes of the alliance (including those of Turkey) will not have to make flight plans when flying over the Aegean, and will only have to be in contact with the Command Center. But due to this agreement, the Command Center responsible for flights over the Aegean could be the one in Smyrna!

The deciding body for assigning control of the Aegean during a crisis or exercise is NATO. Simitis and Pangalos insist that if the organization chose to assign control of the Aegean to Turkey, we would veto it. Why would Hellas sign an agreement, when that possibility could exist? Does it sound logical to sign an agreement and already plan out when to use your veto power (which could be denied to us in some future accord)?

These incompetent pseudo-leaders excused the handling of the Imia crisis, on the short experience Simitis (or the government) had in power. What is their excuse this time, and why should the nation tolerate it?


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