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It is with the deepest regrets that the editor of this page is informing you, our readers, of the reasons that prevented the reporting of news events during parts of 1996 and just about all of 1997.

During this time period, Mr. Dionysios Pilarinos was serving in the Hellenic Armed Forces, and thus unable to monitor the progress made to the Hellenic Nationalist Page. For this, he truly apologizes.

In the time period that has elapsed since his discharge from the military, steps have been taken to improve upon the information presented by the Hellenic Nationalist Page. The editor of our page is cooperating with various news organizations for the betterment of Hellenic patriotic causes, and the improved communication between individuals and organizations fighting for the causes of Hellas and Hellenism.

In this spirit, assistance was granted to Mr. Kapsalis for the creation of Stoxos newspaper's web site, located at www.stoxos.com . This new page is written in Hellenic text, and will be updated weekly to reflect the topics and issues that are covered by the newspaper.

We hope that the future will only bring greatness to our Nation, and we hope to be there to report it.

With Patriotic Salutations,

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