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New Pogroms Against the Remaining Hellenes of Occupied Asia Minor and Thrace

A vandalized Imbriot church from one of the numerous attacks.

An Imbriot woman awaiting the day she can raise her Nation's flag.

On the night of December the 2nd, a grenade ripped through the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople injuring Father Nektarios Nikolou. This is the third such attack in recent years, following the ones in 1994 and 1996.

Once again, the Hellenic government stood in virtual silence, since the blame once again fell (by both Ankara and Athens) on the "Grey Wolves" and the "radical Islamists". This is the standard method with which both governments avoid responsibility. One - the Hellenic - from taking actions to protect the Hellenes in (what is currently) Turkey. And the other - Ankara - from being publicly condemned for state-sponsored terrorism.

The only action left for the Hellenic government is to call for the creation of an independent city-state in the Fanari section of Constantinople, much like the Vatican is in Rome. The Church should also be granted the right to select any candidate as Patriarch. Currently, only Turkish citizens are allowed to obtain that post (something close to impossible with the dwindling Hellenic population there).

Can a Roman Catholic imagine the Italian government refusing to allow a non-Italian to be named Pope? How then can the Hellenic government and the Orthodox people of the world allow such a situation to exist?

At the same time these events were transpiring in Constantinople, acts of terror were taking place on the island if Imbros. The Church of Theotokou located on the southern part of the island, between Kefalou and Shinoudiou coast, was vandalized and set ablaze. This church was rebuilt just a year ago with funds raised by the diaspora of the island population.

As always, the "unknown" culprits remain free to terrorize the remaining Hellenes of the island. It is the responsibility of the Hellenic government to call for the autonomy of Imbros and Tenedos islands, as stated by the Lausanne Treaty. Anything less than autonomy is not acceptable to the Hellenic Nation.



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