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Even the Albanians are Laughing at "Our" Politicians!

On December 12th, the Hellenic government made an announcement once again showing the world what kind of "humanitarian" agenda it promotes. Even though the Albanian authorities continue to harass and intimidate Hellenes of Northern Epirus, "our" politicians have seen fit to aid in the arming of the Albanian military!

Not only have the Hellenic Armed Forces been ordered to assist their Albanian counterparts, they have also been ordered to pay for these projects out of their own budget! The Hellenic Navy is paying for the repair of four Aloutte- type helicopters (similar to the ones it operates), which is being conducted in Hellas. The Navy has also dispatched the vessel "Karavoyiannos" to repair and service the lighthouses operating in Albania.

The Hellenic Navy will also aid in the effort to restructure the Albanian Navy, with three Albanian torpedo boats and two patrol boats being launched.

Likewise, the Hellenic Department of Defense has just unveiled a new military hospital in Tirana, built and equipt with funds allocated for the defense of our country.

When we reported some time ago about the efforts of the US and our EU allies to arm Albania and Turkey, we were hoping that the Hellenic government would react. This was not the reaction we were anticipating. When we cut back on services and pay for our enlisted men, and when we still use antiquated systems, how do these politicians justify such expenditures?

These are the men and women that are "leading" Hellas today. Take your place in the movement that will depose them.



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