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New Zionist Attack Against Hellenism

It seems that regardless of what the Jews have done in the past against the Hellenes, we (or better yet "our" politicians and "cultural elite") tend to forgive them. And I need not make references to the aid the Jews provided the Ottomans to conquer Byzantium, and then to keep the Hellenes enslaved for more than four centuries (while they prospered in Hellenic urban centers like Thessaloniki).

The efforts of these people to promote the notion that the Jews are the only (or at least the most victimized) victim in history is in full swing. Other than the costly statues that we build to commemorate their "efforts" as "equal Hellenes" (like the one unveiled in Thessaloniki), we are also promoting Zionist propaganda with regards to the "Holocaust", that they are the "chosen people", and that their state (of Israel) is something we should try to mimic and make alliance with.

Our educated readers of course are aware of the billions of dollars that Israel receives each year from the United States. Much like they are aware that Hellas lost some 800,000 people during World War Two, took documented action against the Axis powers, and can also document our loses in human lives (not some imaginary "6 million" figure).

But even when our "leaders" bow down to their masters, the Jews don't hesitate to remind us of what they think of us "gentiles". On December 16th, a full page ad (page 47) was taken out on the New York Post, paid for by the Jewish Post of New York and Talkline Communication Services. Occasion for this advertisement was the Jewish celebration of "Chanukah" (Hanukkah) or "Festival of Lights".

Parts of the ad follow:


Why a celebration while still under foreign rule? Because Israel knew what the goal of the second Temple era was the kingdom of Torah and the commandments - and the kindling of small Menorah that could banish the darkness of Greek culture. When that happened, it was time to celebrate; ... Merely being alive on the 25th of Kislev (Jewish Calendar) is not enough; one must see the flame and remember what it represents, and know that we are grateful for the triumph of Torah's light over Greece's darkness."

And yet, to some, I would be considered the "anti-Semite" since the Jews are "incapable" of racism. Their response is already ready since they are not responsible for the "rouge" Jews amongst them. They would also fail to mention to you, our educated reader, that the New York Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a Jew that controls numerous media outlets throughout the world.

It is up to each and every Hellene to defend his or her Nation. Do not be a racist, do not be closed minded. But cut the head off of every enemy to the nation, regardless of what "they" might label you. Above all is the Nation.

Listed below is information if you so wish to contact the persons responsible for placing the ad.

                    THE JEWISH POST OF NEW YORK
                    130 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001
                    Tel:(212)967-7313, Henry Levi, Publisher

                    P.O.Box 20108, Park West Station, NY 10025
                    Tel:(212)769-1925  Zen Brenner, President


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