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Why Don't They Just Put Up a "For Sale" Sign?

Perhaps the above would solve all of "our" politicians problems, so they can then focus their full attention at sucking the blood out of the nation. In perhaps a new low for them (one wonders if they will ever hit bottom), our political "leaders" signed away Hellas' right to administer and control the airspace over the Aegean.

Now that Mr. Papandreou is dead (not the new one, and not the old-old one), and being the "bad boy" of Europe does not pay off for domestic consumption, we have reversed roles and are the "yes boys" of Europe! This is how the Simitis government creates the illusion that we are a European nation, marching in the right direction.

For almost 25 years, Hellenic governments have refused to allow the creation of an Air Force Strategic Command Center in Larisa for NATO, on the basis that the area of administration and control must first be defined. Turkey on the other hand vetoed attempts to establish such a Command Center, because she wanted control of the Aegean to be given to the Smyrna NATO Command Center.

And for 25 years the situation was to our advantage! Unlike the myths that politicians sell the public that this was an issue that "had to be resolved", I am here to state the opposite. The issue had to be resolved as far as NATO is concerned. Hellas had the benefit of controlling her airspace, and not having foreign troops monitoring the activity over her skies.

The problem that Hellas was (is) facing during NATO exercises in the region, was the non-recognition of the 10nm national airspace. That problem can only be resolved with the extension of our territorial sea to 10 or better yet 12nm (along with the national airspace), as allowed by international treaties (Law of Sea). With this new agreement, NATO does not even recognize 6nm of national airspace! During a "crisis" (or NATO exercise), planes of the alliance (including those of Turkey) will not have to make flight plans when flying over the Aegean, and will only have to be in contact with the Command Center. But due to this agreement, the Command Center responsible for flights over the Aegean could be the one in Smyrna!

The deciding body for assigning control of the Aegean during a crisis or exercise is NATO. Simitis and Pangalos insist that if the organization chose to assign control of the Aegean to Turkey, we would veto it. Why would Hellas sign an agreement, when that possibility could exist? Does it sound logical to sign an agreement and already plan out when to use your veto power (which could be denied to us in some future accord)?

These incompetent pseudo-leaders excused the handling of the Imia crisis, on the short experience Simitis (or the government) had in power. What is their excuse this time, and why should the nation tolerate it?



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