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The Exclusive Victims of Genocide!

On January 27th 2001, the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz detention camp in 1945, the British government commemorated a national (soon to be pan-European if not global) "Holocaust Memorial Day". While the date selected indicates that this is in fact a promotion of the Jewish "victim story" (as we have stated in New Zionist Attack Against Hellenism), the official web site http://www.holocaustmemorialday.gov.uk (maintained by the Beth Shalom Holocaust Education Centre) leaves no doubt.

In British Colombia, Holocaust Memorial Day or "Yom Ha'Shoah" is determined each year by the Jewish calendar. This clearly illustrates the repeated attempts by the Jewish community to present "holocausts" and similar hardships as having occurred exclusively in their past. While political pressure necessitated the inclusion of non-Jewish groups in Britain that did not curtail Jewish attempts to exclude them.

The office of Turkey's chief rabbi said in a statement: "We stress that the genocide of six million Jews in the Holocaust in World War II should not be compared to any other event and should not be overshadowed by so-called genocide claims." The statement said inclusion in the British ceremony of "so-called genocides or claims unconfirmed by historians" was disturbing to Turkish Jews. It continued by stating "this comparison is considered disrespectful to the souls of the six million victims (of the Nazi Holocaust)"! 

As the Hellenic Nationalist Page reported back in 1996 with "Zionists and Mongols - Butchers of Hellenism", the state of Israel is willingly allying itself with another murderous state, so as to facilitate each other's desires. The political "leadership" in Hellas further exacerbates the situation by creating memorials for "Jewish victims" while at the same time ignoring the repeated genocides and pogroms faced by the Orthodox Hellenic nation.

The Hellenic nation should demand that no further Jewish memorials or museums be created in Hellas until a proportionate number is created for the victims of Asia Minor, Constantinople, World War II, and Cyprus. Additionally, the Hellenic government should refrain from sending official representation to any "holocaust" memorial until Israel recognizes the Turkish genocide against Hellenes, Armenians, Kurds, and Arabs.

But why would Israel do such a thing when they are busy murdering Palestinian children or when such sold-out cowards are at the controls of the once proud Hellenic nation?



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